The Tragedy and Triumph of Joseph Stalin

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Tragedy and Triumph of Joseph Stalin he had ruled from 1943–1953 with terror eliminating anyone who was considered a threat to his power affecting millions impacting the country for years while transforming USSR to a world superpower becoming more powerful.

Context Build up( The Rise of Stalin)

Joseph Stalin was born on December 18, 1879 Gori, Georgi. He grew up being bullied, beaten from his father and other children. In 1895 he was sent off to become a priest he rebelled joined a socialist group become a atheist than later expelled. He helped Soviet Union leader of the Bolshevik Party Vladimir Lenin escape from Tsar’s army. Stalin had later joined the inner circle of the Bolshevik Party.

When Lenin rose to power he made Stalin General Secretary of the Communist Party. At some point in his life he had been giving the nickname Uncle Joe with the image that he was the father of all Russians. In 1924 Lenin died and Stalin fought his way to power and declared himself director. He created standards and took the freedom of Russians rising to power the members of the former Bolshevik Party questioned his authority. By 1930 he believed anyone with ties to the party was a threat and had to go.

Heart of the Story

Created Purges of extreme persecution had arrested, executed and tortured millions. Russians who were killed range from 20 million and starved Ukrainians to death and pretty much just antagonize the West. Not only that sending millions to Gulga Executed his own military officers/Generals without trial or legal process creating a life of fear for everyone. Also deportations of minority groups based off ethnicity and religion. He created the USSR into a super world power giving it stability standardising education and gender equality, modernize agriculture but also creating a five year plan that created a massive economic growth and improving industry production. Overall through the Triumph and tragedy he had left his mark for generations.

Significance long term

Through all the damage he had success like modernizing the USSR increase of economy growth and agriculture creating a communist and powerful country.

Short term

Through his paranoia he had caused millions of deaths but at some point it was reproduced and had everyone else paranoid and living in a life of fear but at some point it went back to normal.

Multiple Perspectives

A National Hero or Murder ? Making the USSR a super world power improving them overall creating a massive economic growth modernised agriculture leading all to the winning of World War II but had millions arrested, executed, and sent to Gulag and other areas. He had innocent people tortured by security agencies(he had secret police). Russians who were killed range of 20 million and imprisoned or executed thousands of his own military officers.

Context – Ideological or Philosophical Shift

Joseph Stalin had simply started off with wanting to strengthening the Soviet Union. Then got paranoid which was the kick off to the damage he caused. Stalin had believed and stood for with terrorizing as an approach to rule. Anyone consider a threat, disloyal or against Stalin had to go.

Significance – So What

Stalin had multiple results from his actions leaving a legacy and a mark for himself throughout history. Joseph Stalin arrested, executed, tortured millions even his own military officers without trial or legal process but throughout the terror he created the USSR a super world power, modernize them with a massive economic growth and agriculture. Which lead to important events like winning the World II but also he came out more powerful, stronger, had more control leaving a mark for generations.

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