The Stranger by Albert Camus

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In Albert Camus’ novel, “The Stranger”, the protagonist is in a difficult situation on a beach after a confrontation with a man of different ethnicity, the Arab. The author addresses the complex situation in the life of the protagonist, Meursault by using literary devices/ patterns to draw the reader’s attention. Throughout the writing, the author explores the theme of absurdity in a Mad World, creating doubt on how is a person supposed to react to a beach.

Starting with the perspective, the author uses the first point of view for the main character, Meursault. By describing what is happening in the unique conscience of the protagonist, an inner feeling or voice is viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness behavior. Camus’ description of the “[burning sun, hurting me]” and “Arab’s drawn knife ” builds tension and portrays the complex emotions through these sensory images to reveal pain and fear. An inescapable moment that is felt through the author’s word choices are not only unique but vividly written, allowing the reader to feel an urge to help the protagonist tense experience.

Another supplement the author uses is similes/metaphors for the second portion of Camus’ descriptions. It is at this moment when Camus decides to give rise to an experience the reader cannot be protected from and every passing second becomes worse. When the author mentions an outcome “as if the sky [splits] open… to rain fire.” The complex portrayal of this tense moment has resulted in a division of emotions to the reader, living earth’s life on the devil’s underworld. How is a person supposed to react when a world has gone mad? This reasoning may be a result of the limited viewpoint throughout the written portion.

Moreover, it seems that the author’s extension of an absurd character’s limited viewpoint has shifted the experience of an area where peacefulness and jubilance normally would “ be experienced” on a beach. One can notice how the world the protagonist lives in is equally strange and unreasonable. The author mentions “knocking on the door of unhappiness.” at the end of his paragraph. The public would believe that the protagonist has made a wrong decision by “[firing] four more times at a motionless body.” in a beautiful setting, the “beach”. The purpose of the author choosing this place and violent action is to establish a feeling that welcomes the unwanted. What the majority won’t do, one will not hesitate to accomplish.

Overall, Albert Camus’ novel, The stranger broadened the idea of a complex relationship. These personality traits presented reveal from Meursault is a perfect example of an existentialist; from the strictly physical way of describing the events Meursault comes into contact with, to his lack of feeling and overall withdrawal from everything in his life points towards the characteristics of a perfect existentialist. The author’s decision to compare the protagonist’s emotions to the setting has resulted in decisions the general public would not generally fulfill, demonstrating life is both meaningless and absurd.

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