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The Jazz Age

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The Jazz Age essay
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Jazz music became very popular during the “Roaring Twenties”, which was a time in history that had a great success in economic growth and prosperity for the United States in a lot of different areas (music, literature ,science..). The appearance of inventions like the radio and the telephone helped the industry of entertainment. From that time on, musicians could record in a phonograph their compositions, which for Jazz music, that was a totally improvisational style, was life-changing. So people could, in addition , listen to the radio and even buy their favorite recordings to listen to them at home, instead of going to a bar or to a Jazz concert.

After Congress passed the Volstead Act, which prohibit the sale of alcoholic drinks, a lot of Americans went to illegal bars or other entertainment places to listen to jazz and dance Charleston (“America in the 1920s: Jazz Age & Roaring 20s (Article)”). American white artists, such as Fletcher Henderson in New York, received much more attention and publicity than black artists, due to the continuing racial prejudice of the decade. Even amidst the negative racial environment, black American jazz artists such as Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, and Joe “King” Oliver succeed in this industry (“A Culture of Change”). During this period, women, known as ̈flappers”, were also important. They were young and independent women who did not live by the conventions of society. Flappers, involved in the feminism movement, had the liberty to perform activities such as smoking, drinking or dancing, which were mostly done by men (“History of the Jazz Age”).

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The Jazz Age essay

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How did jazz impact the 1920s?
Jazz and Women's Liberation:During the 1920s, jazz music provided the motivation and opportunity for many women to reach beyond the traditional sex role designated to them by society . Bottom Culture Rises: African American jazz music swept throughout the country during the 1920s.
What events happened during the Jazz Age?
The Ku Klux Klan marched on Washington, D.C. People sat on flagpoles, danced the Charleston, read a new novel called The Great Gatsby. And a young man named John Scopes went on trial for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in defiance of a Tennessee law. The Scopes trial was a signature event of the Jazz Age.
What is significant about the Jazz Age?
Many aspects of American life that had beginnings in the 1920s are immediately recognizable as part of modern-day society. The era sprang into being with the introduction of commercial radio and the birth of jazz music , a creation of African Americans that quickly became popular among middle-class white Americans.
Why was the Roaring 20s called the Jazz Age?
Scott Fitzgerald termed the 1920s "the Jazz Age." With its earthy rhythms, fast beat, and improvisational style, jazz symbolized the decade's spirit of liberation . At the same time, new dance styles arose, involving spontaneous bodily movements and closer physical contact between partners.
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