The Great War Will Only Cause The United States of America Pain

Updated April 22, 2022

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The Great War Will Only Cause The United States of America Pain essay

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The Europeans always make it their goal to involve everyone and anyone. This includes us, the Americans who have nothing to do with their childish yet destructive quarrels. For old and distinguished countries, they sure act as if they haven’t got a single clue on how to create a solution. President Wilson assured us he’d keep us out of war; this pleased many citizens of America as we were sure to prosper in the global economy without debts to pay due to a war. However, if we do enter the war and ally with one of the European Powers, would that not create the opposite of what we hope for? In respect to former President Monroe’s doctrine, the eastern hemisphere should not meddle with the western hemisphere’s business; doesn’t that mean we should keep out of the affairs that belong to the eastern hemisphere as well? Just imagine sending our most formidable men overseas; there will be no more men to protect the land we stand and live on. The children will suffer without a father or a father figure by their side. People standing for the advancement of war with the European powers do not see the negative effects that will rise from it. They do not understand that the lives that will serve in war will be a waste, that the economic crises will affect the working class, and they especially don’t understand how this ‘Great War,’ doesn’t involve us.

The last three wars the United States was involved in was in the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), the American Civil War (1861-1865), and the Spanish-American War (1898). Each war having an unbelievable number of deaths and injuries, most of which these veterans will never recover from. Now picture the men who you care for, risking and devoting their life for a silly thing like war. A war that we are not even obligated to join. The casualties that have been produced from the Mexican-American War reaches a brain boggling number of 13,283 dead American soldiers and 4,152 wounded. During 1861 through 1865, two divided groups within the country of the United States of America sparked a civil war. These two groups were then known as The Union and The Confederate States of America. The American Civil War was undoubtedly one of the most deadliest wars the States have experienced. With The Union suffering from about 360,000 dead and 275,175 wounded, The Confederacy suffered from about 260,000 dead and about 137,000 wounded. The total casualties then add up to about 620,000 dead and 412,175 wounded. The most deaths being caused by a war within the country, now just picture and visualize about how much more deadly and catastrophic a war overseas will be. Lastly, the most recent war, the Spanish-American War. This war had the least deaths and injuries of soldiers with a count of 387 dead and 1,662 wounded. However, being so fresh out of a war and jumping right into a new one seems foolish, don’t you think? Despite the unfortunate deaths that the families of the deceased have experienced and the pain of incurable veterans have to live with forever, the country of The United States of America also suffers.

The Spanish-American War alone cost us an estimate of $6,300,000,000. How much more will President Wilson let us go on for? For such a ‘small’ war as the Spanish-American War, a large sum of money has been contributed to supply the military and pay for damages. How much will the United States of America pay to join the Great War? The Mexican-American War had a financial cost of $1,100,000,000 and The American Civil War had a total of $44,000,000,000. For the war that lasted 4 years, within the country, the amount of money that goes into a war that destroys the country that they fight for is a bit too much. Now, overseas in Europe, the Allied Powers and the Central Powers are fighting against each other. The Russian Empire, the British Empire, France, and the Empire of Japan are a part of The Allied Powers. On the other hand, the Ottoman Empire, the German Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia are joined together to form the Central Powers. It almost seems as if they are close to meeting a stalemate and would both be forced to back down. Let me give you something to think about. As I mentioned before, it was very costly to pay for the supplies that were used during the past wars and the damages that occurred from it. To compare, one country, The United States of America, and two opposing parties, the Confederacy and the Union, to the Allied Powers and the Central Powers. The powers come up to eight countries. Now picture the Civil War but with nine countries involved (including the United States of America. The financial costs would increase with a sharp turn up. Speaking of finance, the United States of America has already given many loans to certain countries in Europe. Where is this money coming from? Our economy will go down the sewer drain at this point. If President Wilson were to advance with this war, I’m afraid that many would suffer. With a war that involves this many countries would certainly come with a high demand of supplies. With less men employed, will women, who earn less pay, take over? Certainly, women will unionize and demand more too. In this case, there will be demands needing to be met both here in the States and there in Europe. Should we really care for a war that comes with this much risks? This Great War doesn’t concern us Americans; this ‘Great War’ simply started over the death of Franz Ferdinand.

The Great War is taking place in Europe due to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria. A Serbian nationalist contributed the fuel to add to the raging flame of a war-hungry Austria-Hungary. Some sources say that the Archduke wanted to annex Serbia, but due to fear of political backlash, and instead decided to wait for an excuse to declare a war against them.

The Great War Will Only Cause The United States of America Pain essay

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