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The Graduation by Maya Angelou

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The Graduation by Maya Angelou essay
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“The Graduation” is an inspirational narrative of Maya Angelou’s 8th class graduation. She uses really powerful descriptive words to explicate her milieus for illustration. Unlike the white high school. Lafayette County Training School distinguished itself by holding neither lawn. nor hedges. nor tennis tribunal. nor mounting Hedera helix. Its two edifices ( chief schoolroom. the grade school and place economic sciences ) were set on a soil hill with no fencing to restrict either its boundaries or those of surrounding farms. There was a big sweep to the left of the school which was used alternately as a baseball tribunal. ( Angelou 1 )

Angelou describes the utmost differences from the white school and hers. At this point in the narrative. Angelou is turning more and more aroused about her graduation. along with her household and friends. The town was highly supportive of the 8th class classes’ graduation. All was apparently good until Mr. Donleavy walked onto the phase and began to sabotage the intelligence and high rational capacity of the full school. He continued to connote that merely the white school was worthy of new scientific discipline equipment. and merely foreground their athletic ability. Angelou began to chew over her being. Her ideas were dark and dreary. until Henry Reed began to sing. He delivered his address with power and assurance. and Angelou’s religion and self-image was restored.

Response Paragraph One

Angelou explains that inequality that existed in 1940s Stamps. Arkansas is still a really important job in today’s universe. Throughout the essay. she gives first-class illustrations of this. such as. Donleavy had exposed us. We were amahs and husbandmans. jack of all tradess and washwomans. and anything higher that we aspired to was ludicrous and assumptive. Then I wished that Gabriel Prosser and Nat Turner had killed all white folks in their beds and that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated before that sign language of the Emancipation Proclamation and that Harriet Tubman had been killed by that blow on her caput and Christopher Columbus had drowned in the Santa Maria. ( Angelou 6 ) By this point. Angelou feels really baffled about whom she is. She goes on to believe that no affair what she does. her race will ever be seen as less than equal. After a few proceedingss of her beguiling some less than elating ideas through her caput. she hears Henry Reed get down to give his valedictorian address. The address was more than words. and it inspired Angelou. She began to see a different side of Henry Reed ; he spoke strongly as if Mr. Donleavy had ne’er been at that place.

Response Paragraph two

Angelou’s elaborate account of her graduation reminds me of my ain graduation. The more I read. the more I found similarities. My graduation was really meaningful to me. and like Angelou I was expecting the twenty-four hours that I was able to walk across the phase and have my sheepskin I had spent twelve old ages working really hard to obtain. The twenty-four hours of my graduation I was pleased to see so many of my schoolmates that I had grown up with right there beside me. I had ne’er seen so many smiling faces earlier. Angelou describes a peculiar portion of her experience that I relate to most. I gave myself up to the soft heat and thanked God that no affair what evil I had done in my life He had allowed me to populate to see this twenty-four hours. Somewhere in my fatalism I had expected to decease. by chance. and ne’er have the opportunity to walk up the stepss in the auditorium and gracefully have my hard-earned sheepskin. Out of God’s merciful bosom I had won respites. ( Angelou 4 ) By this point. I was to the full engulfed in the narrative and was expecting sentence after sentence.


“The Graduation” was a really inspirational essay about get the better of and draw a bead on ing to be all that you can. I’m certain that many people will comprehend this essay really otherwise. However I seem to happen the strongest point she made to be that no affair how difficult life gets. the strength to get the better of and surge above is in each and every one of us. even though we may non-cognize it until we come face to confront with such a state of affairs.

The Graduation by Maya Angelou essay

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The Graduation by Maya Angelou. (2021, Feb 28). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/the-graduation-by-maya-angelou/


How does Angelou fulfill the reader's expectations of what graduation night and the preparation for it includes?
How does Angelou fulfill the reader's expectations for what a graduation includes? 1) Angelou fulfills the reader's expectations for what encompasses a graduation by including a lot of detail about what a graduation ceremony entails and the emotions that run through it .
What is the purpose of graduation by Maya Angelou?
Purpose: In Maya Angelou essay on her "Graduation", her purpose is to inform the audience what it meant to gradute during segreagated times . didatic and reflective at the same time but as different speakers give their point oview on inspirational opinions, it changes fro condescending to encouraging.
What is the subject of graduation by Maya Angelou?
Graduation by Maya Angelou is about the steps, traditions, and preparations taken to get prepared for graduation . It tells the story of Maya Angelou's graduation and how the day went from excited and busy, to strange, unusual, and unhappy. It occasionally describes the inequality of the races during this time period.
What is the tone of graduation by Maya Angelou?
Angelou starts the essay with a very happy and excited tone shown by the sheer anticipation of the graduation ceremony by everyone in the black community. She writes that "The children in Stamps trembled visibly with anticipation.
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