Students Orchestra Concert Review

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I went to an orchestra with my sister at Tennessee Tech on November 19th. This performance by Tennessee Tech was very interesting, it’s not what I thought it was going to be. As I go inside the building was like a small auditorium with a small stage. I thought it was going to be big with a lot of musicians and instruments scattered everywhere on stage. But instead they played each piece one at a time. There also was not as many people I would have thought to be up on stage all at once. Although, I thought the concert was going to be somewhat long, it turned out to be a very short concert, and there were only a few pieces the students played.

The first piece the students played was with strings. I liked this, because in my opinion it sounds better to me, rather than, all of the other background noise followed by percussion, along with all sorts of other instruments playing all at once. I like how a solo sound as you can just focus on one thing rather than all kinds of instruments playing at once. I know all of the students worked really hard and put a lot of time and effort.

As I understand music is more than just playing an instrument. It involves much practice and studying all of the notes to each piece. The instruments played in all of the pieces included many instruments. They included strings, brass, and woodwind instruments. There was also a total of forty musicians that played that night. The first on the list of pieces they played is La Música Notturna di Madrid by Luigi Boccherini and conducted by Dan Allcott.

This is a polyphonic piece, as there were several string instruments being played all at once. As the violinist walked onto the stage, they were playing the violins, which to me is probably really hard to do. But as the violinist walked onto stage, they started to play the violins to create a sound effect for what was about to happen in the piece.

It made me feel a little anxious on what was about to happen. Once they all started playing the tones all sounded the same throughout the piece as if they were repeated, but before the end some parts were quiet, then towards the end it became very loud as if they were playing the instruments as fast and loud as they could. This piece felt like it was a joyful song in the beginning, but as the song went on some parts of the song where the violins played slower made me feel as something bad or sad had happened. I felt like it was a song about sadness, and as overtime they would try to fight back, and they would eventually succeed after much sacrifices.

The next on the list are Memory, Prayers, and Celebration by Roberto Pace. In those pieces, the sound was like a thunderstorm, for instance, it was like rain but with rumbles of thunder. Which was pretty cool. The tempo went back and forth from slow to fast to slow throughout the whole piece. The next on the list is Overture to Der Freischütz by Carl Maria von Weber. This piece starts out slow, but then gets a little faster as it goes. It also has several melodies in it and is polyphonic. This piece was also really soft and calm and stayed soft with a little bit of quiet rumbles. But then it got loud while playing the instruments at a faster pace.

This class and concert that I went to made me appreciate music much more than just people playing instruments for a hobby. It made me realize that there is much more to music. It makes you feel a certain way. Like for instance however the beat or tone of the piece sounds then you will feel a certain way whether sad or happy.

Other reasons I appreciate music more is; you have to study all of the notes to each piece, you have to learn about all the instruments, you have to put in a lot of hard work and time into music. So, I respect people much more who are into music and playing an instrument, as a lot goes into it. I would definitely recommend going to an orchestra to anybody. Because they are really interesting even if you do not know a whole lot about music and you can see how much all of the musicians put into each piece.


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