Strategies to Prevent Deforestation 

Updated October 19, 2020

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Strategies to Prevent Deforestation  essay

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Deforestation, According to a Live science contributor “is the permanent destruction of forest in order to make the land available for use.”(Bradford, 2018) This problem remains a significant issue for the global community. We are using our long term benefits for a short term gain. In this process, trees are destroyed, which hold major roles in climate change, create habitats for animals, not to mention support millions of people.

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch was Created in 1996, They have has continued their mission to protect the Amazon Rainforest and in doing so advance the rights of the indigenous people living here. They constantly partner with environmental organizations and the locals of the Amazon forest to campaign for “human rights, corporate accountability, and the preservation of the Amazon’s ecological systems”(Press Room, 2018). The organization helps promote locally led solutions, including solar power, and allows indigenous people living in the area to maintain their ancestral territories and expand their capability to make an impact.

National/International Strategies to Prevent Deforestation
Alberta’s Forest Protection Zones

This is one of Canada’s many strategies to reduce the human impact on the environment. They do this by creating parks and other areas to protect them from industrial activity and to help preserve ecosystems. This strategy has been very successful, In fact, “Canadian legislation, including the National Parks Act, has been developed in parallel with provincial government legislation and strategies for creating and managing protected areas.”(Conservation and protection of Canada’s forests, 2019).

Today, about “two-thirds of Canada’s protected forests lie within national and provincial parks. The rest are controlled in other types of protected areas, including a variety of wildlife reserves”(Conservation and protection of Canada’s forests. 2019). Parks Canada has created a number of strong connection within Canada to support the establishment and to continue the management of these protected areas. Although improvements can be made, During the selection of new protected areas the government often is confronted with a lengthy process, as many elements affect this decision. Unfortunately, this process is necessary for the communal efforts to protect the forest from being destroyed.

National Institute for Space Research (INPE)

National Institute for Space Research (INPE) are often recognized for their ability to use satellite images to monitor tropical forest. This helps professionals to utilize these images, collected for them, to estimate clear-cutting in the forest.

Once they have identified the when they have indicated the approximate area where the trees were destroyed they help directed enforcement operations to provide aid to the ecosystem. This system has deemed very impactful in the preservation of the forest. Although it has not always been a smooth ride these satellites cost millions of dollars and finding investors for this program once was a problem. Although, over a billion dollars was generated in investments for the new generation of satellites, which will help strengthen the capacity to monitor forest.

Local Strategies In Port Hope in the Prevention of Deforestation
Ganaraska Forest

The Ganaraska Forest is one of Canada’s many protected areas. Canada’s strategy to reduce the human impact of the environment enables them to create parks and other areas to “legally protect them from industrial activity and to help preserve healthy ecosystems”(Conservation and protection of Canada’s forests. 2019). This has been key in the development of the Ganaraska Forest. This ecosystem strives to help replenish forests that have been destroyed and includes one of Port Hope’s many initiatives in the prevention of deforestation.

Tree Advisory Committee (TAC)

Since its establishment in 1995, the Tree Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Municipality of Port Hope “has provided advice to Municipal Council and Staff regarding municipal tree maintenance, removal, and enhancement.”(Municipality of Port Hope, 2013). TAC encourages communities to become committed to trees through a number of public and critical player involvement. They then develop an overall planting plan for the entire Municipal urban and rural forest areas informing the community the value of trees. Their ability to reach out to the community allows them to help maintain sustainability within the forest.

5 Strategies Individuals Can Take To Prevent Deforestation

Some easy ways individuals can take steps to combat deforestation is to plant a tree. Although many people are far more capable and can take such an action a step further. The choices people make at home, the grocery store, and at work, all contribute to the problem of deforestation. Here is a list of five actions anyone can take to help reduce the problem of deforestation.

  • Plant a Tree
  • Recycle
  • Help raise awareness
  • Join a community forestry project
  • Reduce your usage of paper
Strategies to Prevent Deforestation  essay

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