Self-Portrait by Frida Kahlo

Updated June 9, 2022

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Self-Portrait by Frida Kahlo essay

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This piece composition and color works very well, Kahlo achieved a very close intimacy with her audience through this piece because you can feel the pain she felt during her time making the piece. This piece tells the story of the suffering she was dealing with due to her former husband and this piece was created after the divorce, a few months after Kahlo meets a man and decides to paint this painting for him to show the suffering she had already been through and how Kahlo was in a painful stage in her life, the audience essentially feels what Kahlo wanted to transmit, pain and regret. Kahlo in this piece clearly expresses the way she sees herself, she wants to demonstrate all the pain she received from Diego, her former husband. She wants to express this for herself into the canvas.

Frida on herself is a symbolic woman, she is known as a symbol of feminism, Kahlo’s self-expression in raw and untouched showing a natural woman, to herself she could see herself as honest and her

The reason why she made this piece could be for own self-reflection of the current state she was is, as I stated above, Kahlo was in a painful situation and what Kahlo always went back to after moments in pain Kahlo would paint.

Through looking at the figures in the painting, such as the butterflies, fireflies, monkey and black cat, the thorns and the dead hummingbird. These symbols all represent aspects of religion. The thorn has a connotation to the Christian religion and how she is a represents herself as possibly being Christian martyr, and Mexican folklore through the Black cat which represents witchcraft. This Artwork was made to give to Frida Kahlo lover she was with after Diego Rivera, Her former lover was an art collector. Today this artwork has visited numerous museums. Today the painting is located in the Harry Ransom Centre, University of Austin, Texas. Since it was painted, it has appeared in many exhibitions internationally. This piece is one of Kahlo’s most recognized artworks, many times this piece is more famous than herself. This piece is an expressive piece where she expressed her feelings and

Similar to Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, the portrait painting by Frida Kahlo, ‘Me and My Parrots’. This piece has numerous amounts of similarities, beginning with the white shirt, Frida Kahlo wore traditional clothing from Mexico, Frida Kahlo enjoyed wearing Mexican clothing, The fashion community, in particular, was rapt. In 1937 she brought the rebozo to the American masses when she was featured in a Vogue article titled ‘Senoras of Mexico,’ and in 1938, Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli based ‘La Robe de Madame Rivera’ (‘Mrs. Rivera’s Dress’) on the painter’s iconic Tehuana costume featuring intricate red floral beading down the shirt front, bringing Mexico’s traditions to fashion’s most exclusive circles. This shows how Frida was extremely well known in the West, through ‘Vogue’ she was represented as a revolutionary. Similarities both use animals leaning on her both shoulders. The parrots in this work of art, The four parrots in this painting were borrowed from Hindu imagery in which they are considered bearers of the love god Kama, serve as erotic symbols of Frida’s relationship. Frida again wears her traditional hairdo and poised portrait.

Self-Portrait by Frida Kahlo essay

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