Self Introduction Essay

Updated May 5, 2022

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Self Introduction Essay essay

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My name is Sajed AlHaliq I came from Jordan, a beautiful small country in the Middle East with a spectacular many places to visit such as mountains and desert. In secondary school, I gradually stopped my extra-curricular activities, including swimming for a professional team in my country, and decided to work. Despite all challenges, I finished my education in the secondary school with a remarkable grade. In 2016 I graduated from University Of Jordan from engineering school.

I have consistently been anxious as an engineer to know more and to learn however much as could be during my collage years. After graduation, I applied for several opportunities in the industrial field, beginning my career path with the operations division for two years , the first one was for an engineering organization in Amman called Herma Fix then I moved to Tabuk-KSA and starts working for ASTRA as an operation/industrial engineer handling the responsibilities of all activities in a livestock process facility. It was another glorious experience how to apply the knowledge that we gained at the college into real work life. After a year I was reassigned as a material planner for the company. Filling in as planner was extraordinary, on one hand I got presented to operation side, then again I found the opportunity to enhance my managerial abilities.

Considering working in different culture, working for this big company, requires an incredible commitment, hard work, creativity and exactness all of which are all characteristics I trust I found a workable pace my developing vocation .I’m continually working on developing myself, I have a lot of positive vitality which I have finally discovered a legitimate spot to guide it toward.

Around couple years later of dedicated in ASTRA I realized that I was superior to my peers regarding gaining experience and knowledge. In addition, it helped me a lot being more progressively arranged and efficient, it built up my communication and time management skills which are presently on a higher level compared to when I previously began, it have constrained me to get out from my comfort range seeking for a further boost for my career and knowledge.

What I really enjoyed learning from this company, is about how they were trying very hard to expand globally and market their products in many countries. This expansion allows the chance for new deals and benefits. In some cases, it may even be the circumstance that profitability is so poor in the home market that international development may be the main open door for profits. Global strategies for business has an gigantic role in every single working aspects which is something I have experienced in the work field and will contribute extraordinarily into making me not only a better engineer but also a better leader.

The most ideal approach from what I’ve learned to succeed is to spur the resources that I had with well- characterized goals and capabilities. A managerial conviction dependent on honesty, quality and service, coupled with a positive attitude, an ability to think and plan strategies, and rapidly adapt to new ideas and situations, this allowed me to approach to consistent and significant successes in a number of ways. I believe the words, “gently in manner, strong in deed”. (Dwight D. Eisenhower)

I’m looking forward to learn more about how organizations deal the world as largely one market. Also, managerial aspects that I feel I need to learn more about, by focusing on collaboration, business challenge cases and developing the analytical skills. I believe this would generate entrepreneurship and motivational approach to reach my goals.


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Self Introduction Essay essay

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