Role of Memory in the Giver Novel

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“A life with no memory is no life at all”. This is, in my opinion, a true representation of Jonas’ story in the Giver. Jonas lived in a perfect world where everything is controlled by strict rules. Jonas was selected by the Elders to become the receiver of memory in the community. The receiver is the only one who holds memory’s and learns the truth about the past. The novel question the definition of right or wrong in society, and highlight the importance of memory and the crucial relationship between human emotions and memory. How difference and choice can lead to a better life. The novel also highlight the importance of memory and the crucial relationship between human emotions and memory.

At the Ceremony of Twelves, the community celebrates the difference for the first time in the children’s lines. Job are assigned based on the different attributes, personality, and capacities. Jonas has matured from a child dependent upon his community into a young men with unique abilities, dream, and desires. Although the community has always ignored Jonas differences such as his light colored eyes and his unusual capacities, it is those unusual qualities that end up bringing lasting, positive changes to the community.

All Have Their Own Abilities and Interesting

Benjamin, one of my best friends, enjoy BTS, while I to play basketball. However, despite our differences interest and hobbies, we recognized no one the same. Our difference actually help us expand our knowledge base and network in a positive way.

We value the difference between individuals because the difference cause us to learn from each other and appreciate our different positions.

In addition, the other less in I learnt is the significance of memory to human life. Memory is so important because it help you to remember who you are and what you did before. For example, without memory, we will be learning the same material in school everyday. The author was affected by the fact that her aging father had lost most of his long term memory. The author realizes without memory there cannot be a progressing relationship. The committee of elder sees the important of memory through its physical application and it designates the Receiver to remember history for the community

Memory is the building block of human revolution because we can only advance by avoiding mistake in the past

Memory is essential because there will not be a true relationship in the absence of experience and the emotion associated with the experience. Their life are view as granted. They also do not feel grief in the release of members because that cannot understand

Relating to the important of memory is that there can be no pleasure without pain no pain without pleasure.

Learning How to Ride a Bicycle

I want to learn how to spin a basketball on my fingertip. My finger nail have fallen off during learning how to spin a basketball on a fingertip and it was painful. The result was successful and brought me satisfaction. No matter how delightful the experience is, we cannot value the pleasure it gives unless we have some memory of a time when we have to suffer.

Jonas community cannot appreciate the joy in lives because they have never felt pain. Their life are view as granted. They also do not feel grief in the release of members because that cannot understand the true wonder of life. When Jonas receives the memory from the Giver, the memory of pain open him to understand the idea of love and comfort as much as the memories of pleasure do.


The novel contain individuality, no pleasure without pain no pain without pleasure, and important of memory.

Final Thoughts

The difference in individual can be cause by ones choice, experience and emotions associated with the memory. By understanding the relativity of emotions, one can true understand the importance of memory and start to appreciate and learn from the beauty of individuality.

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