Rock Hudson’s Actor Biography

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He was an american actor who dazzled Hollywood for many years. He captured the hearts of many on the golden screen with a mix of his dashing good looks and his magnificent acting skills. Hudson was the perfect example of Hollywood’s leading man. His legacy still lives on today. And his name was Rock Hudson.

Rock Hudson was born with the name of Roy Harold Sherer Jr on the date of November 17tth, 1925. He was born in Winnetka, Illinois. His father left the family when Rock was about eight years old. His father was an auto mechanic, and his mother was a telephone operator. His mother was left to raise him alone until she remarried to a man of the name Wallace Fitzgerald. He later adopted Fitzgerald’s last name, and became Roy Fitzgerald.

Acting was not Roy’s first career goal, but somewhere in his schooling he decided to become an actor. After he graduated high school. Roy worked in the US postal service before joining the Navy as an airplane mechanic during World War II. According to rock hudson official website article, he “moved to California when he returned to the United States. He worked various jobs, like a truck driver and working for a moving factory” (CMGW).

He started his acting career by sending photos of him to many Hollywood film studios. He also took singing, acting, fencing and riding lessons to improve himself. He changed his name from Roy Fitzgerald to Rock Hudson because it sounded better and was easier to say.

Even though he had no acting experience, he landed a part in the 1948 movie “Fighter Squadron.” This part started a career lasting over thirty years. Over the next few years, Rock Hudson scored several movie roles. His talent and good looks made lots of money in the box office.

In the early 1950’s, Rock hudson’s acting career took off and he landed more serious roles. He landed roles where he acted with Yvonne De Carlo in “Scarlet Angel” and “Sea Devils.”

He acted in other movies too, such as “Magnificent Obsession”, “The Lawless Breed” and “Seminole.” He starred in too many films to list.

In 1955, Rock married his agent’s secretar, Phyllis Gates. It was an instant attraction for both of them. Rock liked she didn’t treat him like a movie star, and Phyllis liked his flawless charm. How,ever the union between them only lasted three years, because he was traveling constantly for films. The two of them divorced in 1958.

Rock Hudson’s acting career lasted for more than twenty years after that. It continued until in 1981, he underwent quintuple heart bypass surgery because of his many years as a heavy smoker. His health continued to decline for three years before he came out saying he had contracted AIDS and was dying from it. According to the Encyclopedia, he was one of the first actors to come out in Hollywood about suffering from this disease (Britannica). This diagnosis then sparked rumours about the actor being gay, but none of them were ever fully confirmed. People magazine once did an interview with a guy, Lee Garlinton, who claimed he dated Rock Hudson, and said “He was a sweetheart; I adored him” (People). Rock later died on October 2nd, 1985 at his home in Beverly Hills, California.

Though Rock Hudson’s career was ended due to his death, his works will forever be classics. He had many great works and got to work with many great actors and actresses, such as Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. He completed nearly 70 films through his career.

His work throughout the golden age of Hollywood will never be forgotten and will remain timeless for centuries to come.

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Did Rock Hudson serve in the military?
No, Rock Hudson did not serve in the military.
What did Rock Hudson died of?
Rock Hudson died of complications from AIDS on October 2, 1985. He was one of the first major celebrities to die from the disease.
What is Rock Hudson's real name?
His real name was Roy Harold Scherer Jr.
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