Reason for the Fall of Rome

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Dear Elagabalus, My name is Molly Kreag, and I need to let you know that Rome is dying. The land that you are ruling is all going to fall apart. All of the hard work that you have invested in making Rome the best place on earth, will be undone. The people, the great gladiators, the luxurious spas, all the powerful rulers, gone. The Pax Romana, none existent. Every great aspect of Rome fell apart. All in the next two hundred years. Now I realize that you won’t be ruling or living at that time, but I have a few ideas as to how you can make the changes that Rome needs to survive now, and be famously known as the hero of Rome.

One reason for the fall of Rome was, that there wasn’t a written law that stated how to determine who would take the throne. This was a political problem that Rome faced.This created many issues throughout time. Emperor’s sons would take the throne, Emperors would adopt an heir, and that worked for Rome up until 180 AD. In 180 AD, a really good, kind, and caring king died and his son who was brutal took over. He was a mean leader, and he was not treating Rome with respect. All of Rome was treated harshly and one day he was strangled by a praetorian guard.

So then people decided to give the throne to the highest bidder, and that could mean any rich person without any leadership experience could take the throne. And throughout time legions fought legions, just so that their emperor could have the throne. By 284 AD, 37 different emperors had ruled and they were murdered soon after. It is clear to see that this caused many political problems, and it was a big factor for the reason of the fall of Rome. Another reason for the fall of Rome is, that the emperors were paying the soldiers too much money to keep them working.

This was one of Rome’s economic complications. The emperor wanted to keep the soldiers happy and working so he raised their pay rate up every year, resulting in having Rome’s citizens pay higher taxes. Consequently, citizens moved away from the parts of Rome where the taxes were high. Resulting in more loss of money than an increase. Rome lost money, soldiers, and citizens from this emperors decision.

One final major reason why Rome collapsed was because of their foreign enemies. This difficult situation can fall under many of the categories, this was a mistake made by the society and the military. Although Rome’s military was very strong, everyone at the time, was too busy arguing about politics and money. This left Rome’s frontier open for an attack. Then after that a lot of hunters and herders staring attacking more areas around Rome, this led to the decline of trading and farming. And nearby cities began to put up protective walls and everything was closed off.

This was the last and final punch that Rome took, and everything after that crumbled. Now that you know about all of the tribulations that are going to occur in the Roman empire, you must be very overwhelmed, but don’t worry I have an idea as to how you can prevent some of these things from happening. As previously stated, one major reason that caused rome to fall is, that the emperor made every citizen rich and poor pay the same amount of taxes. This was bad because then people couldn’t go and buy food from the market, and the government lost that money.

But, a way you could prevent this from happening is starting, income tax. Income tax means that citizens tax amount is determined by how much or little money that they have. So if you were poor you would have to pay a silver coin and if you were rich you would have to pay a gold coin. This is a good way to prevent economic tax issues because, then the citizens would have to pay the amount of tax that they can afford to keep living efficiently. I know that this works, because it is being used in my time in the United States of America and our civilization have been going for 2,018 years!

Elagabalus, I have told you all that I know about the decline and fall of Rome, it is up to you to save Rome. I am telling you, you can be the best emperor that there has ever been if you save Rome now with income tax. I do know and understand that income tax is over 2,000 years ahead of your time, but I told you all that you need to know to save rome. Now, stop reading this and go! Go save Rome! Don’t let me down! Don’t let Rome down! Sincerely, Molly Kreag (aka: JR. Savior of Rome)

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