Should Smoke Cigarettes be Banned in the US?

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Smoking cigarettes are dangerous to the body and should be banned at all costs in order to protect our health. Cigarette smoking has been the lead cause of preventable deaths worldwide current trends show that tobacco use will cause more than 8 million deaths by 2030. Cigarette smoking can be very addicting once a person starts, smoking once may trigger somebody to want more because cigarettes contain nicotine, Nicotine is a very addictive drug. Once The body becomes used to having nicotine in the system, being without it for too long can cause a regular user to experience symptoms like depression, anxiety, and increased appetite.

When a person stops smoking cigarettes they may have withdrawal symptoms which will start within a few days. These symptoms can last for days or even months, it varies from person to person. Cigarettes have been used as a common “antidepressant” for centuries. Some Cigarette smokers feel as if smoking will take the pain away when in reality it’s doing more harm than good. Depressed people are more likely to smoke and less likely to quit. Smoking cigarettes can be very harmful to your body, it can give you lung cancer. Lung cancer is the highest cause of death due to smoking cigarettes according to the CDC.

“Smoking & Tobacco Use.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 Feb. 2018, www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/fast_facts/index.htm. Smoking cigarettes can make your blood clot excessively Blood clots can increase the risk of heart damage, high cholesterol, heart disease, bronchitis, persistent coughing, and many more harmful outcomes. Smoking cigarettes damage your whole cardiovascular system. Nicotine causes blood vessels to tighten and restrict the flow of the blood in your body “Health Risks of Smoking Tobacco.” American Cancer Society, www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/tobacco-and-cancer/health-risks-of-smoking-tobacco.html.

In addition, smoking cigarettes causes plaque to build up on your teeth to make them look yellow and dingy. Smoking cigarettes can be very expensive if you’re a daily user. Second hand is harmful as well It’s basically inhaling the smoke that’s in the air that came from the cigarette. Anyone can be affected by this, especially children. This smoke should be kept away from children at all costs, it could have major defects to them. In addition to this, some women will smoke while they are pregnant. This doubles the chance that the baby will be born too early or have birth defects, which is unfair for the unborn child because they have no control over the situation. Cigarettes are a huge investment for companies since millions of people smoke them. Companies will still sell it without any thought about a person’s health or even side effects due to the product they are selling.

The government should make more laws on banning cigarettes because they are harmful to the body. Cigarettes contain multiple chemicals some of the chemicals used in cigarettes could cause cancer. “Harms of Cigarette Smoking and Health Benefits of Quitting.” National Cancer Institute, www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/tobacco/cessation-fact-sheet. If cigarettes were banned, most people wouldn’t have access to them and would have no choice but to stop. Once somebody stops, slowly they will have less craving for more and sooner or later it will be stopped fully. Smoking should be banned in public places as well. For one, second-hand smoke could be passed through and if there is no place to smoke it will decrease the number of people doing it.

Vape devices or e-cigarettes, which are now used for people who are trying to stop smoking, are still dangerous because they contain nicotine, and most people are starting to abuse this. Despite all the problems cigarettes have brought to people they have not been banned or made this illegal yet. Smokers can control their cravings for a cigarette by doing a favorite hobby or just doing something that is interesting. The person can also get professional help- a smoker can go to the health clinic and get a transdermal skin patch, nasal spray, and tablets. If needed desperately, a person could be put into rehab- a rehab is a place for people who are ex-drug addicts or current ones that are trying to get help. A person who smokes can get help if taken seriously, the craving for it will gradually fade away. If smoking was considered an alternative solution for dealing with stress or depression, we have to find a different solution.

Hang out with friends, talk to a family member, go out, take a walk just get a distraction for the craving or feeling to go away. Smoking can start as somebody could have been raised around it and now think it is normal and ok to do, or it could be just as something to look “cool” for other people. It could have multiple reasons behind it, but it must be stopped in order to stop causing deaths. Helping to stop smoking may be hard but if we all help, smoking can decrease dramatically each year. There could be benefits for smokers that quit, and there could be beneficial campaigns in order to congratulate them on their success.

If we ban cigarettes we can lessen air pollution too: states say that when they have had non smokers and non smoking policies they have less pollution. Another huge issue is we will reduce healthcare costs. If we have people that don’t smoke cigarettes anymore there would be fewer cases from this problem, and reducing it can affect the economy in a positive way. In addition to this, we could reduce waste cigarettes can clog water systems if they are thrown in places they aren’t supposed to be. People who smoke cigarettes tend to throw them away after they are done with them and that causes pollution and people who clean up the city and pick those up in order to the planet and make it cleaner.

Many places already banned indoors and other places even restricted it from outdoors or just in the premises they banned this because of the smell, second hand smoke and it’s just not a nice smell to be a around . Smoking cigarettes is a choice everyone can make you can either choose to do it and suffer from the consequences or choose not to do it and be free from all the risk you will be taking if you did start. The government has the right to ban cigarettes from the community because of all these health issues but they choose not to. These are some symptoms you may receive when you start smoking, you may receive a sore throat, nausea or even lightheadedness there is a lot of chemicals coming out of cigarettes that a human may not be used.

In addition this is what happens when you stop smoking cigarettes after 20 minutes the body already starts to get better the blood pressure starts to drop back to normal and even the hands and feet start to go back to their normal temperature, 12 hours into not smoking a cigarette which is halfway through the day the carbon monoxide level in your body is back to normal, If a person does not smoke for 24 hours a person already lowered the chances of getting a heart attack.

Why do people think it feels good to smoke? This is because the brain has receptors to make you feel better by acting on the pleasure center and nicotine is addicting so once you start who knows when you’ll stop. Smoking on a daily can affect a person’s look this is because cigarettes contain carbon monoxide which goes in to your skin so if a person wants to stay vibrant and good looking they should stay away from these toxins smoking can also cause thinning of the hair and even balding in some cases the chemicals in the cigarette can damage a person’s hormones. “Biology of Addiction.” National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 8 Sept. 2017, newsinhealth.nih.gov/2015/10/biology-addiction. Smoking has been very effective to people and harmful in every way it should be banned in order to prevent further deaths and health issues in the future. How would it feel to walk past a smoker and somebody is a non-smoker? It would not be very pleasant because of the smell that is in the air the chemicals that’s not very pleasing to nonsmokers.

Smoking is dangerous to nonsmokers because of second-hand smoke which is bad for the health as well inhaling 2nd hand smoke may increase the risk of breast cancer and nasal sinus cancer… Cigarette banning could be very difficult because it has been out for centuries and daily smokers are already hooked on this drug and only so much could help them because they are addicted but by the help of banning cigarettes from everywhere it could save lives and get people out of the addiction. The only way to get rid of this is by banning them from everywhere for years cigarettes have been known for being damage but still no action has been added in fact the tobacco industry just keeps evolving and more and more people are starting to smoke each year. There are many other causes of deaths like diseases and guns and many more but cigarettes are still in the count for the highest deaths and preventable at that too.“Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned?” Debate.org, www.debate.org/opinions/should-cigarette-smoking-be-banned?_escaped_fragment_=

Many people have tried to stop smoking but it is very hard because of the nicotine it contains which has made it very addictive for them this explains why people still smoke even if they know how bad the side effects are. Cigarettes should be banned in public places for one nonsmoker may feel very uncomfortable with the smell and 2nd hand smoke will be released in the process. There will be litter reduction when people are done smoking they tend to just throw the cigarette anywhere they please if smokers would just throw it in the trash where it’s supposed to be this could be prevented but most smokers don’t. It is important for an employer or a company to provide a healthy and pleasing environment most customers would prefer not to walk in a place where they allow smoking.

In addition to that, we could prevent fires, if people do not put out a cigarette the correct way it could start a fire. If people decide to endanger themselves by continuing to smoke it is up to them all us people who want them can do is just continue to try to help to get them banned or help other people stop. Cigarettes are controlling smokers everyday lives making them harm their body and crave this toxic product. Smoking cigar has taken many innocent lives each year smoking has not benefited anybody in way but the tobacco companies, The companies do not care about people’s health because they are getting rich off this we must stop the expansion of smoking cigarettes and help it to get banned in order to save people’s health and making the world a better place.

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