Political Video Reflection- I Have a Dream Speech

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Introduction, Speech and Political Goal

On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. gave a political speech against segregation and injustice. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. desired to boost the peoples concern of racism, to stop racial discrimination and segregation in the United States. King’s goal is to get more equal treatment for all Americans across the country. In 1955, King became involved in his first extreme civil rights movement in Montgomery, Alabama, where transportation was racially segregated. It delivered even higher attention to the Civil Rights Movement, which had been going on for multiple years.

Why is “I Have a Dream Important”

The function of King’s speech is made through bold remarks and rhythmic repetition. He meant that he wished people would be seen and distinguished by others as humans and not by the color of their skin. He was saying what would be the main problem, if people weren’t suffering from ignorance and prejudice. When he states dream, he isn’t using it in the literal meaning, that one night he dreamed of freedom and fairness, but in a metaphorical sense. He is using the second context of the word, he has an ambition that every individual will be treated equally.

Legal Documents

King uses legal documents in his speech to show how the legal documents say that Americans should be equal, but it is not. King speaks of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, is not as well-known but deserves to be. That portion demonstrates King’s engagement to the conception of justice held at the American founding. As King then said, “It is obvious that America has defaulted on this promissory note.” King didn’t mean destruction of the American political order, but rather for us to be following the ideals of the founding, and that’s why it is very important that he quoted the Declaration in his speech.

Significance of Location

Martin Luther King Jr gave the extreme “I Have A Dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial for many reasons. The Lincoln Memorial is a place that honors Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves. The slaves were people of different color who were valued dissimilar than white people. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves because he thought that it wasn’t equal that other people were treated differently just because of the way they looked. Martin Luther King Jr did and thought almost the same as Abraham Lincoln about managing people who were different.

Individual Strategies and Details

Martin Luther King, Jr. used the power of words and acts of nonviolent battle, such as protests, major organizing, and civil disobedience to achieve his goals. King used a tone in this speech that is very demanding, throughout the entire speech. Some methods Martin Luther King, Jr. uses in his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech are pause and pitch inflection. Forceful public speakers use pauses between points to emphasize them and let their points fall into the minds of the public. King effectively uses pauses each time he says the word dream and even different length of the pauses.


Martin Luther King Jr. was very educated when he was little and that is why he had lots of experience with thinking smartly in his speech. During the video Martin Luther king was talking with lots of confidence without any problems. Finally, at the end of King’s speech he said, “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

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