Photo from My Summer Vacation

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A clear and calm water view, a mysterious place, a true wonder of the world, this is the Palawan Underground River located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. This exact photo was taken by my father during our summer vacation in my country almost four years ago. Why would I ever forget such scenery? Of all sceneries I had witnessed by my own two eyes and not just by pictures, this is one of the most memorable. Why is that so? Because the water view was relaxing; because the underground itself looks mysterious; and because the underground river was scenery to be proud of.

As I looked at the water, especially during that day that the photo was taken, I was mesmerized by the view. It was as if I was in a very peaceful surrounding, away from all the stresses, away from all the worries, and away from what tomorrow could be after the vacation. It was as if the only thing I could think of was to look at the water and feel very relaxed and calm, nothing else matters.

When I looked at the underground part, it looks like there’s some sort of things that need to be discovered inside it. Seemed that there’s more than just scenery in there. It turned out that I wasn’t mistaken, because of all the places I had seen, I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t get bored discovering the history and scientific explanation on how the exact scenery had been formed.

Usually, I get bored and felt sleepy hearing trivia everywhere, surprisingly, I wasn’t, instead, all I felt was amazement regarding the formation of the underground river. It had been a very informative vacation for me. This underground river was formed due to water crystal’s eruption a long time ago and it’s not just like a cave outside, there are more images of different things and people formed by these water crystals. From the ceiling part of the cave to the walls, I had seen formed “stalactites’ (water drippings) that created different images of foods, Mother Mary, “The Last Supper” and a lot more images.

Every time I recall Palawan, Underground River, I can’t help but be proud of my country for having such beautiful scenery which was once considered among the seven wonders of the world years ago. This tourist spot wasn’t manmade instead, it was formed due to the natural occurrence and that made it so amazing.

Finally, this photo had been very memorable to me because it reminds me of the place that I wanted to revisit: because I felt the calmness just by looking at the water view; because there’s a lot more to discover more than just the façade; and because this is one of the reasons that I wouldn’t replace the beautiful tourist destinations of my country to others.


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