Michael Jackson as a Superstar

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Music has been important part in our life. Everyday we listen to the music. It will make us release our stressful, especially when the lyric is suitable with our life or condition. We can listen to the music if there is a singer. In here, I want to talk about the famous singer in the world. He is the king of pop of this world. He is Michael Jackson.

Michael Joseph Jackson is the real name of Michael Jackson. He was born in August 25, 1958 at Gary, Indiana, USA. He was known when he joint with his brother band “Five Jackson” as the singer in 5 years old. This group quickly rose to fame with an unprecedented for consecutive number one hits. Michaela Angela Davis as an image activist said that he had a voice and a performance style that we had never seen before, and he was a little cute boy singing little cute song and he was a superstar of epic proportion at nine. In 1972 Jackson had his first song solo hit with the song “Banned”. Nine years later he released a single “Off the Wall” and become the first solo artist to have for top ten singles. “Off the Wall” sold until more than two million copies worldwide and was inducted into the grammy hall the fame. Jackson top the chart in 1982 with a single “Thriller” which one a record breaking 8 grammy awards and later became the best selling record of all time, with his style defining singles over gloves, zipper jacket, and dances with defeat gravity. Jackson was doubt as king of pop.

“The costum, the hairstyle, the dance moves are amazing” said Sheryl Lee Ralph as an actrees, author, producer. The 80’s were a massive hates and controversy for Jackson, a head burn suffered during a Pepsi cola commercial shoot. Started to strange of plastic surgeries. In addition, Jackson was rumored to be whitening his skin and sleeping in an oxigen chamber inside his fantasy retreat called Neverland ranch. Rob Shuter as host, VH1’S the gossip table said that all of that issues is a myth of the king of pop. Although Jackson follow up album “Bad” and “Dangerous” were both succeses, his life became tabloid father. He was hit mallay station in charges in 1993. In the next year married Lisa Marie Presley.

Jackson later divorced and had two children through artificial insemination. Rob Shuter stated that his two children literally came out off nowhere, it made so many people want to buy magazine, watch television show. Michael Jackson reinvented himself, when he had those children because all we wanted to know how did this happen and who was the mother. In 2015 was again arrested for molesting 13 years old boy. Although he was quitted, Jackson was infinancial rumor. In 2009 he held a concert and the ticket sold out in only four hours. On june 25, 2009 Michael Jackson passed away because of suffering from propofol overdose.

In conclusion, to be a superstar and being known by people around the world is not easy. Michael Jackson needed lots of effort to reach it and became the king of pop. He tried to entertain us with his beautiful voice and his creativity. Lots of rumor which tried to drop him, but it was already opposed with him by creating new songs new moves and etc. There are lots of fans support him so he can suffer from his problem and entertain us with his song and dance moves.


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