Lisle in The Book Thief

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A gentle and infinite death, coming from the chocolate – coloured sky, said to tell a story to us. About an abandoned little girl, a few pages of text that stretches the soul, a man who plays the accordion, a fanatic hair that is in the opposite direction to everyone, a sultry German with a moustache, a Jewish boxing that will never see the light for life. hand.

The protagonist of the story is a little thief named Lisle. Lisle’s life began with a white nightmare. The Nazis took her father and died. She looked at her biological brother and died on the way to being fostered. In the new home of the town called Heaven, in addition to avoiding bombs and enduring hunger, the days seem to be good. Moreover, her hungry soul, and books accompany her. Stealing books is Lisle’s ‘glorious’ career. Of her total of 14 books, six were stolen. These books saved her soul and saved her life.

‘The book must be an axe that pierces the frozen sea in our hearts.’

At that time, everyone went to the streets and shouted ‘Long live, Hitler.’ People are poor, panicked, worried about food and bread, worried about bombing, worried about the son or father on the battlefield, worried that the basement is not strong enough, worried about the curse of the neighbours and the sputum on the door frame. The people in the war are a group of tiny ants, which are dangerous at any time. They are dead and starved to death. They are two bombs hanging in the head.

Survival has become a problem, talking about the thoughts and spirit of freedom. But in a bombing, a panicked and troubled neighbour, relying on Lisle’s words, miraculously calmed down and gained the strength and courage of life.

As Kafka said, the book must be an axe that pierces the frozen ocean in our hearts. The text breaks through the ice and feeds the soul. Desperate Mrs. Hotspefell was once the most feared person of Little Lisle, and the words allowed her to survive the desperation of losing her son. The text established a strange friendship between her and Xiao Lisle.

The text nourishes Lisle, nourishes the desperate mayor, and nourishes Max, the asylum seeker. Max is a Jew who hides in the dark forever and can’t see the colour of the sky. He wrote two books to Lisle with genius whimsy, one called “Monitor”. The person who took the text. He is the spiritual teacher of Lisle, and Lisle draws the seeds of free thought from her.

Wars like robbers and thieves have taken away everything in this town. Perhaps it can be foreseen from the first book of life that Lisle got – the gravedigger’s handbook, the avid German and the war he made, a digger, a myriad of Jews and people around the world. An ordinary town resident like Mill was sent to the grave.

‘Humanity in the war’, we are no stranger to this subject, Shaw-shank’s redemption, Schindler’s list, Merry Christmas, the ninth company, and even the assembly number, Anne Diary, the ruin of the war, this is always shining Glowing warm humanity.

Only Lisle lived on Hammel Street. Little Lisle, what is it to rely on to support her, nothing, a wild life? The people and things that she had when she was thirteen did not know when it happened. Does it nourish the memories of an abandoned girl’s life? There are always some soft flowers of life that bloom only once, but warm for a lifetime.

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