Life and Life Goals Essay

Updated April 25, 2022

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Life and Life Goals Essay essay

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Life and life goals are two different things. Often, goal of ordinary people remains for life. In addition to food, earning, marriage, transactions, behavior-trade, reaching death while fulfilling normal life sequences, re is no or goal besides this. Taking up means of livelihood, having a family and raising children and marrying m, marriage is generally considered to be a lifelong goal.

Actually it is simply simple process of living, not goal of life. Life-goal will be considered as sure-to-think idea, which is something different, something higher than simple program of world, and which has to be done to make some extra sacrifices in fulfillment.

A sure target in life, some special goals are kept in category of extraordinary persons. His attribute and greatness are only meant that he has taken some abnormalities by moving ahead of some of people of ordinary life of tradition. People accept m as great, that is, when common people experience many sorrow and unhappiness in life without going into life, y have chosen anor, unknown and unusual way. Its courage and hard-to-tolerate have increased a bit.

Even if simple process of living is taken from an unusual perspective, n it also becomes a type of life-goal. extraordinary of this simple process can be only that life should be spent in such a way that man can not fall into trunk of fall and reach an end to his ideal life. He has spent his life with joy, glee, joy, affection and enthusiasm, who has achieved a goal of successful living as he has been able to relieve himself from ashes, tears and sadness of life. person who has laughing satisfactorily laughing outside life-span, his life will be considered successful. On contrary, who crossed life-span, cries, roamed and roasted, as if his life became very difficult.

Proof of success of life, given by someone’s work and dedication, re is a beautiful evidence of peace and contentment contained in his last breath.

Life-oriented people who consider life as goals will not be able to succeed even in natural process of living ir life until y bring a system, a discipline and a beautifulness in ir lives. greater amount of joy, glee and enthusiasm in life, more beautiful it will be. Pleasure is beauty of life’s second name. life in which re is no noisy, no excitement and joy, why not in it pleasures of world, why it has not been made from abundant gold, not be called beautiful.

Even though high house, decorated rooms, beautiful clos, complete safes and colorful colors can make anyone’s life attractive to ors, but this production not create beauty of life for its own sake.

Beauty of life is not in external glory, but in human world. qualities, deeds, nature, and ego are as beautiful and equally beautiful. Who is indecent, immoral, or incomprehensible, how much richer, beautiful, beautiful body and living person not come in periphery of beautiful life. On contrary, which is of normal condition, is not poor, very beautiful body, if it is decent, gentle, gentle, contented and calm n it will be said to be a more beautiful life.

Life and Life Goals Essay essay

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