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Jonas from the Giver a Dynamic Character Character Analysis

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Jonas from the Giver a Dynamic Character Character Analysis essay
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Why is Jonas a Dynamic Character?

Jonas is a twelve-year-old boy who has accepted the sameness in his community just like everyone else. When December rolled around Jonas became the receiver of memory. On his first day he received the memories sunshine and sunburn. He described the sunshine as pleasant and the sunburn as pain. The more and more training he received the more and more painful his memories became. Later, on in the novel he got to see the real world. And when he did, he realized the community was a lie. He had had found out release wasn’t peaceful it was death. He asked why his father had lied to him and started questioning the community. He now questioned the community wondering who else was able to lie to him. Lois Lawry stated, ‘ What if they had all been instructed: You may lie?’ (179). This quote is talking about when he and other new twelves received their assignments if in their rules, they were able to lie. This quote supports my main idea because he used to be supported the community now, he is started to question it and its people.

How do we know Jonas is a dynamic character?

We perceive Jonas in 3rd person limited omniscient meaning we mainly get to only know him. So, we get to see the devotion and transgressions Jonas makes. In the beginning of the book Jonas used to be apprehensive and childish now he is mature, wise, and brave. Once Jonas began receiving intensified and heightened memories, he became furthermore perceptive and independent. But after he got to that point of being the seer of what was before sameness. And once he understood the community was a lie. He also realizes that they took away the community’s freedom.

The elders only provide for them if they work. Meaning their basically emotionless laborers with no will or privilege of doing what they want. The bad thing is the people can’t realize this because it’s been like this for a long time. So, overtime they’ve learned just to accept it without even knowing the terms they get to live on because their born with no choice. Another thing is when the children are born their birthmothers don’t get to keep them there are examined and tested to see if they’ll make it too the ceremony where parents get appointed to children who don’t even belong to them. If not, then there released. The more profound Jonas gets into knowing what’s happening in his district the more outraged and furious he gets. He is just so frustrated and mad because they can’t seem to realize what the community is doing.

Then, another thing is they do these pointless dream/emotions telling rituals every morning/evening. It’s doesn’t make any sense because they don’t really have real emotion or feeling. They just have a somewhat reaction counted as a feeling. Lois Lawry stated, ‘But now Jonas had experienced real sadness. He had felt grief. He knew that there was no quick comfort for emotions like those’ (329). Anticipating when mother had said she felt sad and yet she wasn’t actually sad, and Jonas knew this now that she or anyone else in the community didn’t really have any real emotions just reactions and this made Jonas feel sorry and sad for them. This relates to the topic because we get to see Jonas’s decision, actions, and emotions.

How does Jonas’s emotions/actions help him become the dynamic character?

In the beginning of the novel Jonas and the people of his community are very careful of their actions because they didn’t want to break any rules. This is Because if the rules of the community are broken three times than the offender is released and not in a peaceful way. So, the they’re too frightened to break any rules. During chapters twenty-one Jonas when he is left the community, he was thinking of going back. Then, he just thought there for a second of the three important rules he just had broken which were: Leaving your dwelling at night, stealing leftovers, and he took his father’s bike. After knowing this he and Gabriel would most likely be released if found. He knew the community would be aware of him missing by the time everyone woke up.

So, he began pedaling faster over being hesitant and with an injured foot. He was doing this because resolved around the idea of getting else ware so he could have his memories be released out into the public were his memories would be accessible to the public. He wanted the community to be able to handle these memories on their owns without the help of any receivers. He wanted them to experience these emotions like love and pain. He wanted them to be able to have these emotions not just react to them. He wanted them to be able to rebel against them and for them to get their freedom and will back, to have their own children, and to make their own decisions mainly even if it could be dangerous. He wants the community to be like it was before sameness. According to Lois Lawry, ‘ It wasn’t fair. Let’s change it.’ (285). This quote is talking about when Jonas got upset because the receivers of memory carry all he pains and the burdens for them instead of them handling it themselves. This relates to my topic because it talks about how Jonas feels about the community.

How does the relationship between Jonas and the giver make him into a dynamic character?

The giver is the current receiver who transferred memories from him to Jonas. Jonas is a receiver in training who takes his life very seriously now. The giver helped him become wise. By, transferring memories of the real world to him. He does this for Jonas’s benefit into the big realization of the community being a lie. As they get to know each other more their relationship gets deeper to the point where Jonas wishes the giver was his grandpa and the giver tells Jonas he loves him. Jonas begs the giver to come with him, but he says he can’t because he must stay and help his people because they won’t be able to handle, he memories themselves when Jonas gets to else ware. The giver helps teach Jonas wisdom, determination, and love.

Lois Lawry said, ‘I want to, Jonas. If I go with you, and together we take away all their protection from the memories, Jonas, the community will be left with no one to help them. They’ll be thrown into chaos. They’ll destroy themselves. I can’t go’ (390). This quote is talks about when Jonas and he are talking about the plan and Jonas asks miserably if he’ll come but the giver say he can the haves to stay and help the people. This involves with my topic because my quote talks about the relationship of Jonas the giver and how it affected his character.

Jonas is a changed character because he sophisticates and becomes astute. We know this because Lois Lawry the author wrote this novel in third person limited omniscient. We for the most part get to only perceive Jonas. Jonas is a very complex character with many thought, feelings, and emotions. So, we get to see him change and many ways. This is what makes him a dynamic character.

Jonas from the Giver a Dynamic Character Character Analysis essay

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