John Proctor’s Changing in Crucible

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Through his treatment of others as a result of guilt, at search for truth in order to save his true love, and a final submission to God’s law, John Proctor shows that by showing repentance to God one will save his soul, and By showing complete repentance to god he will save his immortal soul.

John Proctor was known for the good he did with people. Proctor was a man that cared about his reputation and a good name in Salem. Proctor put up a false appearance due to the situation he put himself in. “ Abby, i may think of you softly from time to time. But i will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again.Wipe it out of mind.We never touched, Abby”(Miller 23). Having an affair with his servant Abigail has shamed him with guilt. This affair caused a disconnection in his marriage. Once Proctor confesses to elizabeth things start turning around for him.

Proctor then tells elizabeth “Women. I’ll not have your suspicion any more”(Miller 54). The confession started to create a tension between the both couples which proctor blames elizabeth for it. He tells her that she can forgive people nor forget about the past and because of that he can’t really tell her anything. Proctor get even angrier once mary warren come back which he then grabs her aggressively because she left without his permission. As her lets go of her he finds out that his wife has been accused of witchery.

Proctor now is getter even deeper in his lies because it his fault his wife is in this situation. Proctor knows Abigail has blamed his wife over jealousy. As herrick comes into their to arrest Elizabeth thing really changed for proctor. Proctor has now realized who his true love actually is and steps in to defend her. Proctor worried about his reputation but he knew he had to confess to his affair in order to bring his wife back home.

As Mary Warren wants to speak up and say her testimony about the girls faking it and name Abigail as a fraud, John Proctor makes an attempt through Mary Warren testimony without letting too much information out about his affair with Abigail. Elizabeth pushes Proctor so he can tell the court that Abigail told him about the girls faking it. This triggers a conversation about Proctor’s affair. Elizabeth and Proctor begin to fight, (Milter 54) “ For a moment, I say. The others come in soon after. I’ll not have your suspicion anymore.” Elizabeth has her suspensions about her husband having an affair , he still denies it and continues to say that he did not have an affair.

He finally breaks out by calling Abigail a “whore” and announce his guilt public. Little does he know that is to late and that things have gotten to far. The only confession that calls the court’s attention is him being a witch and save his life. He signs a contract confessin that he has worked with the devil before.(miller…) “because it is my name! Because i cannot have another in my life! Because i lie and sign myself to lies! Because i am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may i live without my name? I have given you my soul, leave my name!” He later rips the contract into pieces. What opened his eyes was when Giles and Rebecca were killed because they refused to confess. Proctor then realizes that honor is more important than living a sinful life full of lies and become a better and bigger person. He then tears up his false confession.

Throughout the play Proctor was being immature but towards the end he begins to change. He committed adultery and refused to tell the truth. Once he confesses his affair this is where his change started. Proctor goes from sleeping with other women and being irresponsible to trying making things right with his wife, and asking for forgiveness from God.

The play shows that overtime people will grow and change. Time changed John Proctor because he was having an affair and lying about it. He realizes how special his wife is and does everything possible to change.

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