“Inside Out and Back Again” Summary

Updated June 9, 2022

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“Inside Out and Back Again” Summary essay

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Imagine having to leave you home and everything you have ever known in order to escape the mass killing of innocents from a civil war. This was an everyday reality for many refugees including the character Ha. Inside Out and Back Again, written by Thanahha Lai, is about young girl named Ha and her family who are trying to escape the Ho Chi Minh in her home country of Vietnam. Throughout the novel, Ha faces the same issues that thousands of refugees go through today including enduring a grueling voyage, struggling to assimilate to a new country, and losing everything you have ever known.

One of the universal refugee experiences is leaving everything that you´ve known. Many refugees leave because of the chaos pushes them out of their home. This chaos causes them to leave many of their possessions, as well as worse case; leaving family members and the culture they were raised on. “No matter what mother says we are not to leave. I must protect my chick and you your papayas”, (Lai, 46). In this statement by Ha´s brother, Khoi, is saying to Ha that he and her both have too much at stake for them to leave. The common refugee also must go through this universal experience. According to a source,¨The number of Syrians who’ve fled their country increased by 14 percent in 2017, according to the UNHCR. That puts the total number of refugees from the 7-year-long conflict to 6.3 million people.” Syrian refugees are currently fleeing due to the civil war and are one of the largest groups of refugees today.

When a refugees finally leaves their home, the true journey begins and they usually have a tough experience. Refuges often have to flee by walking hundreds of miles or they are forced to go out on the unforgiving seas on overcrowded boats to get to safety. One quote from inside out and back again is ¨

  1. 1st paragraph: talk about Inside out and back again(ha’s backstory) and add thesis to end of paragraph
  2. 2nd paragraph: talk about one example of a refugee (voyage) and add facts, then relate it back to Ha with example from book
  3. 3rd paragraph: talk about second example of a refugee (assimilating to a new country), talk about the Vietnamese culture and how Ha had to deal with the ignorance of the Americans (especially in school)
  4. 4th paragraph: talk about how people lose their homes, thier valuables and most importantly family members (how Ha loses her house and the memory of her father)

Throughout Inside Out and Back again, the story shares the struggles of a young girl and her family who are forced out of their homeland of South Vietnam due to a tyrant leader and a country full of persecution and slaughter that it was no longer considered home. This is a reality for not only Ha but of thousands of refugees as they face these same hardships today including struggling to assimilate to a new country, and losing everything you have ever known, poverty.

1st paragraph: talk about Inside out and back again(ha’s backstory) and add thesis to end of paragraph

Ha’s home was in south vietnam were she had an good childhood she had an house and nice matching pieces of furniture and machied dishes she had friends and went to the market to buy groceries for her mom and she asked for portions so she had extra money for fried dough

“Inside Out and Back Again” Summary essay

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