Importance of Rhetoric in Speeches

Updated April 21, 2022

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Importance of Rhetoric in Speeches essay

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Through Hitler’s organizational ability and public relations, Hitler realized his desire to transform from an ordinary person who was ‘mediocre, failed, and doing nothing’ into a German chancellor, and even became a celebrity.

Firstly, Hitler was using rhetoric to capture people’s emotions, arouse resonance and a strong sense of identity among the audience. For example, Hitler was using rhetoric to capture people’s emotions. In order to make Jews bear the main responsibility for Germany’s defeat after World War I, Jews were compared to German parasites, because they only knew to squeeze the blood of German workers. Especially during the economic difficulties in Germany, even some Jewish merchants hoarded commodities in large quantities, preferring to let those food moldy and finally throw it away, rather than selling them to the poor people at low prices (Hitler and Nazis, Statements Concerning Jews and Judaism in 1920). The example demonstrates that Hitler will use rhetoric to mobilize people’s mood. His speech can aroused strong resonance and strong pursuit of the workers. These things the Jews did further exacerbated the hatred of the workers. Hitler also catered to the wishes of the workers and imposed these unsuspecting crimes on the Jews. After the incitement of Rhetoric in Hitler’s speech, the workers’ hatred towards the Jews became more and more serious. Therefore, people more and more admired Hitler in their hearts, and gradually reduced to Hitler’s pawns to realize their great grand plan.

Furthermore, Martin Luther King used rhetoric to speak for blacks and make anti-discrimination voices, which changed blacks fate. For example, in his famous speech (I have a dream), he is using six ‘I have a dream’ in a row to attract attention, using repeated emphasis sentence patterns to arouse people’s resonance and attention to this topic (I have a dream 17,18,19,20,22,24). The example illustrates the using of rhetoric greatly inspired the fighting spirit of the people and showed the determination of the black people to fight. He can paint a picture of equality between blacks and other races in people’s minds, giving people hope, so that blacks are willing to take the initiative to continue striving for equality. Therefore, Martin Luther King enriched his speech with rhetoric while combining his own urgent desire to repeatedly emphasize black equality.

In summary, rhetoric is an important tool that uses the power of language to effectively inform people’s thoughts, feelings and persuade them to agree with the concepts people have. Their use of rhetoric can quickly grab the listener’s heart, be good at creating a lot of resonance with the audience, and create a climax during the speech.

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Importance of Rhetoric in Speeches essay

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