Importance of Restoring Net Neutrality

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This bill will reinstate Net Neutrality under new and tougher rules making all internet traffic treated equally ensuring a free and open internet in a increasingly digitized world.

The Congress hereby finds and declares…. That restoring Net Neutrality is essential to maintaining America’s Dominance in the Technological field and ensuring freedom of speech is protected not just offline but online as well. Due to the actions of a few unelected bureaucrats the American people no longer have there first amendment rights protected over the internet instead its now in the hands of a few massive ISPS (internet service providers.) Without a free and open internet Americas new and innovative startups can’t hope to compete against the already well established corporations who can afford to begrudgingly fork over cash to ISPS.

What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality will ensure that ISPS can’t slow down your internet or slow down the speeds of other sites. Meaning that one lane of internet traffic isn’t more important than another one. Meaning that Comcast who is a part of NBC news can’t slow down other news sites like for example ABC news. It also prevents ISPS from loading their own scripts into your traffic. In English it means that Comcast can’t load adds onto your web pages while your surfing the web meaning less annoying pop ups. Individual sites and your browser will still be able to custom cater ads however ISPS won’t be allowed to impose ads on sites that otherwise wouldn’t want it.

Be it enacted by the senate and the houses of representatives of the United States of America in the congress assembled that this act be entitled Most ISPS have made a commitment to follow net neutrality (“Comcast does not and 2 will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content. We will continue to make sure that our policies are clear for consumers and we will not change our commitment to these principles. That is how we run our Internet business and it is a key part of our core network and business practices”.)

Don’t buy it there lying a few months ago netflix users notice that Comcast was slowing down there internet while on netflix later this statement came out from netflix (“Netflix and Comcast have “established a more direct connection between Netflix and Comcast).” we don’t even know what the deal was “financial terms were not specified”. This is horrible Comcast just mear months after net neutrality was removed went back on its promise shocking.

Sure netflix can afford the bill that it was forced to foot over but a startup surely couldn’t it would just have to die out or accept a buyout from a larger corporation. What’s even more scary is that your ISP could have a massive influence on what you see online shaping your view on the world why should Comcast let you see an article that is attacking a proposition that it lobbied for when instead you could see a pro article instead? What’s to stop them from having a black list of journalist that you don’t like?

This is a fundamental attack on the very basis of freedom of speech and it shouldn’t even be a possibility. We can see the early effects of a internet without net neutrality, When AT&T customers access the company’s DirecTV Now video streaming service, that usage isn’t included in calculations for data limits. The same goes for Verizon and its Go90 and FiOS TV services as well as T-Mobile and services such as those from HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. The practice, known as “zero rating,”

My proposal will require a budget of 500 million dollars the FCCS budget in 2016 was 388 million dollars. This is no small chunk of change mind you but the American people are guaranteed freedom of the press and freedom of speech and that’s what net neutrality does for the American people.

To wrap things up net neutrality is free speech our democracy now more than ever relies on a fair and free open internet. Everyday journalist and activist rely on the FCC’s net neutrality protections to communicate freely online. We need a strong net neutrality to keep our freedoms aliver on the internet in an ever more digitized world.

My bill will require all lane of internet traffic to be treated equally. Will not allow ISPS to load their own scripts into any lane of traffic ever. My bill will not allow ISPS to exempt certain apps or sites from data caps no special privileges no zero rating.


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