How to Lose Weight without Losing your Mind

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Losing weight can be difficult these days, especially when you get to the point where you want to rip your hair out. This process will help make sure that you do not lose your mind and you lose some weight. This process will come in handy when you are wanting to lose weight to look good in your old jeans or a new dress you just bought.

The first step of this process is to make sure you are eating all the right kind of food and the right amounts of it. Throughout a full day you should be eating five meals instead of three. Have your usual breakfast lunch and dinner, but put a snack in between breakfast and lunch thenbetween lunch and dinner. “This equates to eating approximately every three hours. Eating before you are ravenous will help you stay in control of what and how much you eat”(Pasternak n.p.). Studies show that eating more frequently, compared to just the three meals a day can keep your blood sugar and metabolism steady. Make sure you have smaller portions when you are eating five meals a day. Especially because when you are eating five meals your calories can go up. (Pasternak n.p).

Do not try to count your calories because it will stress you out. “When it comes to heavily processed food like donuts, cupcakes, French fries, pizza and ice-cream, the verdict is, without a doubt, the more of the stuff you eat, the more of it you crave” (Lian, n.p.). Then make sure you are eating healthier food like protein, fiber, whole grains and healthy fats. High fiber fruits like apples or black berries are a good way to get your fiber in. Some good whole grains to eat would be quinoa or oats. There are plenty more types of foods that have all of the right things you need in your body and you can just look them up.

The next tip is do not weigh yourself daily. “Here’s the deal with the scale: Relying on it as a progress indicator can literally drive you to tears and panic if you watch those numbers like a hawk daily”(Lian n.p). Set a date or a time when you want to weigh yourself. For instance, if you want to workout or go on a diet for a month, then weigh yourself on the day of your last work out or diet. Maybe every once in awhile you can weigh yourself before and after a workout so you can see how much you lose each time you do the same thing. Another thing you can do is pick out an old piece of clothing, or go buy a new one that is two or three sizes too small, and work on getting to that point. “Pick one piece of clothing that you cannot presently fit into, but want to wear with confidence and comfort, and use that as a means to gauge your progress” (Lian n.p). Another thing is remember you are not going to see results right away. Results can take up to three months to a year to really show.

Then you make yourself a plan, making a plan will help remind you of your aim. “ Losing weight is not as easy as it sounds on paper. It is a constant battle, and it may take weeks before results begin to show”(Lestoc n.p). First you will start with a workout plan. Making a workout plan will help you remember what you have and what you need for workouts. With a workout plan, you can make one for weekly or monthly. Monthly is the best because having what you are going to do for a whole month will give you more motivation. Then, you would make an eating plan. This one is easier to do weekly. Doing a weekly meal plan is simple. You just put what you want to eat for your five meals each day. Make sure to stick to these plans though, otherwise you will not be able to lose as much weight as you want.

The last tip is to keep an eye on your sleeping pattern. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that your sleep can have a lot to do with your weight. “The exhaustion that results from sleep deprivation, especially when it’s chronic, it can also sabotage your weight loss efforts”(Pasternak n.p). Making sure that you are going to bed at the same time continuously is very important. Sleeping at different times will not get you on the track of a good night’s sleep. So make a sleeping time. Then you need to wake up in the morning at the same time continuously so that you are not up at different hours of another day, because again, it will mess with your sleeping schedule. “Researchers say when you fail to sleep for at least seven or eight hours, it can affect your rate of metabolism, making it difficult for you to lose weight.” (Lestoc n.p).

The process of losing weight without losing your mind is really simple. Just follow the four major steps, make sure you are eating right, do not weigh yourself everyday, make a plan and watch your sleeping patterns. By the end of following these few steps for a while, you should see results and being able to fit into that dress or outfit you want to fit into again.


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