How I Attended a Jazz Concert

Updated May 5, 2022

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How I Attended a Jazz Concert essay

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I attended a fascinating and memorable jazz concert at Kimbrough concert hall. The show was held on 2 November 2018 which was a Friday. The concert was done by Washington state university big band II which arranges music performances occasionally at the school. Performance team was composed of; one guitarist, one drummer, five saxophonists, one bass player, four trumpeters, four trombonists, and one pianist. Also, there was one sound technician, one stage technician and one  facility coordinator. Branson Bell was the director while Joel Roeber was the special guest of the day. It was my first time to attend a jazz concert in this hall, so I got confused about the direction, but I managed to locate it after a lot of struggle. Thank God I arrived some few minutes before they began the performance began. The thrilling performance lasted for around 35 minutes.

The first piece played was writer’s cramp by Bob Curnow which was played by a small jazz a pianist and a trumpeter. The song was very fantastic, and its slow mode of playing left audience ready for the next song. The second piece was Samba de Los Gatos by Mike Steinel with Morgan Zearott as the pianist and Kaitlyn Van Vleet as the saxophonist. The performance was very uplifting, and I liked the way the pianist went to make the performance marvelous. The third piece performed was How do I look in Blue by Gene Roland and Johnny Richards played by the all the four trombonists in the band. It was followed by the first thing I do by Richard Evans the Exit music and lastly cubicles blue by Rodger Holmes. The song that I liked most was how do I look in blue the trombonist did an impressive job by playing the trombone excellently. I was not a fan of listening to jazz music, but this concert created an interest. After the show, I went online to search for the songs how do I looked in blue and I listen to it again. This concert was a real illustration of how thrilling Jazz concerts can be, and the performers were prepared exceptionally well. The concert hall was very spacious, and there were many people attended the concert to enjoy. This hall can is best for any future jazz concerts that anyone would like to attend.

Moreover, the audiences who attend the show are youngsters who are livelier and energetic therefore one cannot get bored. By the time the group completed their performance I had could not believe that they had finished. If I was asked for my opinion, I would request them to be brought on stage again and again. The performance made me feel relaxed and excited to see such a good band is available in town. For my friends who would like to have an excellent experience in jazz performance, I would recommend to them this band it is one of the best groups I have ever encountered. It will give you the best experience that can only be realized by top performers in the jazz music. The concert hall is also the best because it’s a relaxed environment with no chaotic scenes.

How I Attended a Jazz Concert essay

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