History of Mexican American War

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History of Mexican American War essay
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During the 1840s, the United States foreign policy towards Mexico was different than its foreign policy toward Great Britain. There were numerous similarities yet there were a lot more differences in Americas action toward these nations. The majority of the foreign policy actions made of Great Britain and Mexico during the 1840s had to do with the United States desire for land that those nations had. The similarities with both Mexico and Great Britain owned some land in North America that the US needed. President James K. Polk was refusing to getting Oregon, Texas, and California due to the spirit of the “Manifest Destiny.” The Manifest Destiny was a mission to spread the democratic spirit Westward and potential benefits from business on the Pacific shore. The United States foreign policy towards Great Britain had some similarities to its policy towards Mexico.

There was an inside argument in the United States on regardless of whether to do battle with Great Britain and Mexico over their territories. The issue of slavery was enormous at the time and discussed. The Southern sectionalists needed to keep any potentially Senate free states out, while the Northern sectionalists needed to keep any potentially Senate slave states out. A few of the Americans wanted the land really bad in both of the cases that they were actually willing to do the war which was Oregon with Great Britain and the different Mexican regions, however there were additionally a ton of Americans that were refusing to fight since it would mean a disturbance in the delicate balance of the free slave states in the Senate. There were a lot more differences in the foreign policy between Great Britain and Mexico. Britain had an occupation with the U.S. in Oregon Country ever since the Treaty of 1818, however Polk needed to end it and him and his Manifest Destiny believers needed a border to be drawn in order to have Oregon Country all for themselves. They were more acceptable about it than they would be with Mexico. The U.S. was not willing to negotiate with Mexico. The U.S. wanted the Mexican land and were ready to battle for it. There were at that point many Mexicans in Mexican Texan land during the 1820s, and by the 1830s the Mexican government was starting to get stressed and worried. General Santa Ana of the Mexican powers attempted to enforce the Mexican policies, yet that lead to The Battle of Alamo. The most important reason was that the U.S. was more willing to wage the war against Mexico than it was with Great Britain. The U.S. did not have any desire to go into a war against a world force like Britain. It was more considerably to make a compromise like the Treaty of 1846. The U.S. was ready to do battle against Mexico just because it was not well governed , it was not like Britain, and America had believed it could be way more easier to win the battle with Mexico and take the land that America had wanted.

The Americans and the Mexicans battled really angrily. After started The Battle of San Jacinto. The Battle of San Jacinto, fought on April 21, 1836 was led by General Sam Houston, which had resulted in the independence of Texas. For some time, Texas was its very own free nation, the Lone Star Republic. There was a disagreement over the state border between both Texas and Mexico which was Nueces versus Rio Grande. Later on, he Mexican American War started up. Up North, there was the Bear Flag Revolt in California. Many in the Senate had their hearts set on having all of Mexico, rather than simply the Northern parts. In any case, the Treaty of Guadalupe which is the peace treaty signed on February 2, 1848 and was ratified in which had ended the Mexican American War. After that came the Mexican Cession. The states of NM, AZ, NV, CA, UT, and parts of CO and WY were bought from Mexico. The Americans battled the Mexicans during The Battle of Alamo and The Battle of San Jacinto and after that proceeded to make war with Mexico in the Mexican American War. After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo had finished, the U.S. still wanted more of the land. The most important reason as to why the U.S. had many different foreign policies for Great Britain and Mexico during the 1840s is because of the status of the nation and the United States view of their quality and impressiveness.

History of Mexican American War essay

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