Friedrich Holderlin and His Poetry “The Half of Life”

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Holderlin was one of the best German poets. Among Hölderlin’s major works are his novel Hyperion oder der eremit in Griechenland, expressing the longing for ancient Greece. His actual career as a writer lasted only about a decade. Hölderlin’s life was never settled or happy: he lacked both money and recognition. He also wrote philosophical texts and a tragedy, DER TOD DES EMPEDOKLES, which was left unfinished. During the periods, the disastrous journey in an advanced stage of schizophrenia. Back in Nürtingen, he heard that Susette had died, when regained sanity enough to write, he translated among others Sophocles’s tragedies. The last 36 years of his life Hölderin spent under the shadow of insanity, living his last years in a carpenter’s house in Tübingen. He died on June 7, 1843.

Among Hölderlin’s finest lyrics are ‘Brod und Wein’, an elegy celebrating both Jesus and Dionysus, ‘Der Archipelagos’, an ode in which it is hoped that modern Germany will tend toward the character of ancient Greece. Hölderlin was not directly affiliated with either of the two major literary movements of his time, Weimar Classicism or Romanticism, but his thought has elements in common with both. In his use of classical verse forms and syntax, Hölderlin was a follower of Friedrich Klopstock. I am not turning the poet into a preacher, nor am I suggesting that Hölderlin is “doing” theology.

On the contrary, I am saying that theology remains with Hölderlin despite himself. We can “connect the dots” of this constellation in various ways. Some see the silent anguish of nihilism in Hölderlin’s poetry, some see the unity-in-diversity of speculative idealism, while others see, as I do, the strange and benevolent power of a divine agency. I’m not saying he is some sort of priest or something but I do see him employing, perhaps unconsciously, the structure and dynamic of transcendence in his poetry. Hölderlin, in fact, sees these two aspects of human life, the all-desiring, all-subjugating dangerous side of man.

‘THE HALF OF LIFE’, as he happened to write, one of his best-known poem – of a mental eclipse. Friedrich Holderlin created two contrasting pictures of the sweetness of spring and therefore the bleakness of winter. I visualize that the author understood life by its bright and dark sides. He used nature as a key feather of romanticism. First, with reference to the topic of this poem, Holderlin illustrated the gorgeous scene of spring within the first stanza, while within the second stanza, he targeting the sorrow brought by blank winter. Holderlin seemed to contrast these two distinct seasons of the year, what he implied between the lyrics is that the issue of your time.

Surely there’s an excellent life there, waiting to be written. today’s world has been evolving every day and people tend to change with time to acquire several notions in their lives. However, we all know that accidents are sometimes fatal, some people have killed et al. have lifelong consequences that have a negative impact on the lives and disturb them completely as physical and/or mental. Moreover, in recent years, it has been noticed that the number of accidents is increasing with time. The accidents are often responsible for disabilities such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, paralysis, amputation that make these people dependent and make them suffer. But there are also disadvantages as in-coherence minds in his words, disturbances, neurological.

These people may have lived alone she must depend on someone permanently. There is a fact that men are more concerned about the various accidents they get into than women, as millions of more men become victims of accidents than women. These accidents leave their severe disabilities for the rest of their lives, but it is the young who are most affected and have negative consequences on their innocence.

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