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Education Can Stop Water Pollution

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Education Can Stop Water Pollution essay
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Water pollution largely occurs due to sewage flow into rivers, dumps into sea and also contamination of land and water due to toxic chemicals. But all of them, it seems the main cause of water pollution is sewage efflux into rivers. Rivers are the means by which most of the water is supply for drinking in all parts of the world. Other sources like wells, bores, ponds, lakes etc. come in the second place and less reliable.

The river water is used for domestic purposes, agriculture, and industrial usage. But interestingly this river water is the prime source of water pollution. Due to flux of industrial waste, rise in the automobiles oil usage and growth in population, the rivers are subjected to great deal of pollution.

Today, a large number of rivers in the world have been polluted by human intervention, and it is indeed very unfortunate to note that many of them are on the verge of dying according to help save nature website came within by years 2012 report by a campaign group.

Environment Missouri said that in 2010, about 12.7 million pounds of toxic waste was dumped into the Mississippi river. Region that surrounds the mouth of the river is called the ‘Dead Zone’, as the harmful algae growing in the polluted river absorb all the oxygen, thus making it impossible for any other organism to survive. Beside it, in Malaysia being reported by a total of 43, or nine per cent of rivers in the country, mostly in the urban areas are polluted, said Natural Resources and Environment Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar. Out of the 473 rivers monitored by the Department of Environment, he said 186 rivers, or 39%, were slightly polluted while 244 rivers or 52% were clean.

These cases happed due to the lack of self-education, a non-tired attitude. Education is very important in the earliest stages of learning, with simple words in the young or children. When compared to other the country, Japan is very clean in terms of all aspects. The country’s rivers are very clean, for everyday use. Their highly respected attitude, respecting all the objects inside their country, became their river very clean and safe to use. Otherwise, the small drainage very clean evens the koi fish live healthy and large. Compared to existed drains in Malaysia it full of leftovers, and waste.

Education Can Stop Water Pollution essay

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Can we reduce water pollution?
Yes, we can reduce water pollution by implementing proper waste management practices, reducing the use of harmful chemicals, and promoting awareness and education about the importance of water conservation. It requires a collective effort from individuals, industries, and governments to ensure cleaner and safer water for all.
How can students help reduce pollution?
1. Students can help reduce pollution by conserving energy. 2. They can also help by recycling materials and using less water.
How can we prevent stop water pollution?
The most important thing we can do to prevent water pollution is to stop using chemicals and other pollutants in our everyday lives. We can also help by supporting organizations and businesses that are working to clean up our waterways.
What are 5 ways to reduce water pollution?
Time management is important in the workplace because it allows employees to be more productive and to get more done in a day. Additionally, time management can help to reduce stress levels and to make the workplace a more efficient environment.
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