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America Is On The Right Way To Improving Education It All Started With Ruby Bridges

When Ruby Bridges was six years old, she walked up the stairs to her new school. Ruby was scared and people were yelling at her. She spent her first day at her new school in the principal’s office for her own safety. Ruby was one of the first African American children to be put into…

American Education System,

Education System,

Human rights,

Inequality in Education,

Ruby Bridges

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Close Reading on Dudley Randall: Ballad of Birmingham

In the stanza I, line II Dudley says, “And march the streets of Birmingham In a Freedom March Today,” (Dudley Randall, “Ballad of Birmingham,” 734, 2). This quote gives evidence that supports the beginning of the event at Birmingham church on a Sunday morning because the African American Civil Rights Organization formed this march to…

African American,


Human rights,

Ruby Bridges

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Ruby Bridges’ Challenges

Ruby Bridges was born in Mississippi on September 8,1954 (“Donaldson”). Among her seven brothers and sisters, she was the oldest (Donaldson). Living in the 9th ward-the poor section of New Orleans, Ruby was raised in a discriminative era. (Donaldson). Where different water fountains and restaurants were separated for blacks and whites was a normal everyday…


Ruby Bridges

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