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Power, Peace, Prosperity, and Principle

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Cold War



The “national interests” are the goals set forth by the administration of the country. These are goals and issues that are prioritized and considered with every national and international decision. When nations evaluate their national interests they do so through developing the four P’s Power, Peace, Prosperity, and Principle. The 4 P’s are the values…

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Democratic Peace Theory

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Immanuel Kant



How can peace be measured? Well, when it comes to the topic of peace in the reality of today’s world, the absence of war becomes the introduction to this subject matter. In other words, deliberate policy can sometimes be a solution to perverse cycles of strife and brutality. Emmanuel Kant developed the theory of Democratic…

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Can China Rise Peacefully?

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Introduction At the beginning of the research I want to talk about china, peace and relation between China and America. First, peace is very important to all the world. Explain the democracies are less likely to individual crisis: democracies are less likely to involve crisis when crisis involved a larger proportion of the democracies .Chan…

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At Peace with War

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“Great Game” is an innocuous word used to describe the conflict between Russia and Britain for control in Central Asia in the 1830s. The Great Game was not only restricted to Afghanistan but expanded to entire of Eurasia. For Russia, it was considered to be a ‘jewel on its’ crown’ and for Britain a prominent…

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Monusco: Congo Today Suggests a Bottom-Up Peace and Stability Approach

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been undergoing recurrent crises; specifically, its Eastern part. Consequently, since decades and in recent weeks, Congolese civilians have been and are being killed by armed groups and undetermined groups. These crises have moved from conventional wars to likely a type of non-conventional criminality or bandits. Hundreds of armed…

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Peaceful Transition of Power in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua has never been a stranger to corruption although its constant efforts to conform to democracy for the past few decades. Nicaragua operated under a democratic structure in the twentieth century, however, in practice it was not operating as a democracy, as President Somoza would constantly undermine the Constitution. Now, Nicaragua is dealing with a…

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The Evolution Of Police From Protectors and Keepers of the Peace

Pages 11 (2 529 words)

Law enforcement


Abstract Police or the function of Police in society has existed in societies in one form or another since ancient times. Throughout most of that time and up until the present Police have been mainly protectors and keepers of the peace who occasionally had some law enforcement responsibilities as well. Modern 21st Century Police now…

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Peacekeeping Organs United Nations and the Security Council

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World Peace

After World War I, the League of Nations was created to prevent wars through collective security. Negotiations were the key to settle disputes between countries, but the League of Nations was ineffective and a total failure for several reasons. The United States didn’t join because the Congress didn’t allow it and didn’t want the United…

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