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My Dream Universities

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My Dream


Abstract Nowadays, more and more students are able to have great opportunities to study in international schools. Eventually, when they finish all the courses successfully and get a perfect grade, they could fly towards the famous and fantastic foreign universities to absorb different sorts of useful and valuable knowledge. Fortunately, I am glad that I…

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My Dream about Perfect Country

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My Dream

Everybody has a dream, some small and some big, some boring and some unrealistic. However, we all dream the same, whatever might be best for ourselves and our country. This kind of thinking can be complicated, planning our fantasy life in our head is way easier than making that image come true. There are several…

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My Dinosaur Dreams

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My Dream

Memory can remain consistent, altered, or erased. Is there a definite answer to why dreams change? Is it because we are ashamed, proud, or something else? Dreams are stories that pull pull thoughts and imagery from our memories. They don’t mean anything, but the impact of some dreams are everlasting. I had a dream when…

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Do People Really Live Their Dreams?

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My Dream


How am I supposed to know what my dream is when I stopped dreaming when my mother died? Live my Dream?? Are those words just a dated cliche? Or do people really live their dreams? I’m Katie. This is the first time I have written anything regarding my past and what I have overcome. I…

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Dream Interpretation Hair Fall Out

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My Dream



Beautiful, shiny hair we associate with health and attractiveness. Although it is mostly the women who invest a lot of money and time in hair care, the men are also keen on keeping their hair clean. The worse it is, then, when you notice that in the morning hair blow more and more hair trickle…

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