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Intelligent Design and David Hume’s Objections 

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Rogerian Argument


Ian Johnson Philosophers have been searching for a rational argument to prove the existence of God since the time of Saint Thomas Aquinas. They observed the universe and the living things within it, searching for patterns that would show a purposeful design and thus a designer. The Argument from Design is an example of a…

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The Role of Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Infections 

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Chemotherapy involves utilization of effective medicines to counter the prevalence of a certain illness, mostly cancer. It assists in preventing the dividing of the cancer cells in an individual. Treatment of illnesses caused by microorganisms, on the other hand, involves using a drug that facilitates killing the specific microorganism that is responsible for the outstanding…

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Cosmological Argument vs Teleological Argument

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Ed L Miller stated how “the Cosmological and Teleological argument are closely related” (Miller 84). I would have to disagree. I believe that they have more differences than they have similarities. They do have some similarities, however I don’t necessarily believe they are closely related. The first Cosmological Argument was discovered by Thomas Aquinas where…

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Analogy of Characters in the Work

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George Gascoigne’s poem, “For That He Looked Not upon Her” depicts the struggle a man undergoes while dealing with heartbreak and longing for a woman he desires. The speaker, being emotionally damaged from a previous relationship with the same woman, fears replicating the mistake of falling in love and getting hurt again. He does his…

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The Analogy Applies to Our Memories

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Psychological Disorders

On the other hand, at some point family and friends may no longer want to hear about the event or about your feelings, and they may expect you to “get over” it. At this point, it may be useful to find someone else to talk to, including a professional“ (SFDPH Pg. 4). This quote shows…

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Which Ginsberg Uses an Analogy

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“Howl”, written by Allen Ginsberg and was first published in 1956, was one of the poems that caused a stir in mid-century America, though thought as obscene has now turned into one of an American classic. It is a long, complex poem splits into three sections and is acknowledged as a classic that has broken…

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Schizophrenia and the Analogy Was Computers

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This article introduces the reader to how neuroscience has helped to view schizophrenia within the brain, it also starts to introduce the problem that manifest illness occurs long after the actual onset of schizophrenia. When symptoms become diagnosable it is often too late to treat the disorder. Next, methods of detection are listed, starting with…

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Glaucon’s Analogy in the Fourth Paragraph

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The speaker identifies “how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened”. The analogy Glaucon makes on paragraph four is that that is a strange image with strange prisoners. The tone of Socrates is wise or clever while questioning Glaucon. Glaucon’s attitude is just him agreeing with whatever Socrates says and this is significant because this…

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An Analogy That Taught Me Something New

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Erin McKean’s TED Talk “ The Joy of Lexicography” was interesting and funny. Erin made some good points on how the dictionary has changed. I remember having to buy a dictionary for school in the past. It was pretty easy to use. Looked up the words and didn’t have problems with it. I never really…

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Extended Metaphor Essay 

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My writing is a beautiful, gleaming bubble that is blown into the air. My writing starts with a good introduction. Just like a bubble being blown into the air makes a grand entrance. It floats along for a while with decent body paragraphs, a not so strong conclusion until it finally pops and disappears into…

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