Difference between Athens and Sparta

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Greek civilization was a very pleasant time, and in our time many examples and references to their lifestyle have been adopted. Athens and Sparta are two famous cities in Greece and in the past, described by the political system. Their differences are obvious, but there are still important changes in the history of Greece. Today we will try to take a closer lookat the life of Athena and the Spartans and try to understand how each group is authorized to participate in public life and make decisions that affect society. It also talks about who holds office, the rules that apply when choosing an officeo wner, the similarities between the two cities, and differences in government structure.

Sparta is a country of warriors. According to their system, Sparta was considered a dictatorship. The Spartans conquered many neighboring cities in the Peloponnese, driving back two civilians. Since there are more helots than Spartans, the ultimate goal is to create superpowers to protect the former. Entire Spartans are part of the army and must fight for the Spartans. These people must join the army between 14 and 20 years. The woman’s goal is to give birth to a soldier of the future. If a person is considered disabled, genetics is performe don’t hem.

The first public decision maker in Sparta was a group called the Majelis. The Spartans were men and free, but they were considered members of the Church. The exception is cases when a free Spartan loses his citizenship. The next step for government employee sis Gerousia. Directors over 60 are eligible for this position, but must be elected. The next step after Gerusia is the euphores group, the only reception service. There are also two kings. Thus, in principle, the Spartans cannot have the right to “participate” in anyway, but first they must be men and have the right to rights, which can then be “chosen” fo rchange. Their community Like Dr.Peter, the brand is selected every year for more than 60 people who say, “True power is Gerusia, ”and five judge scalled “Euphors, ”who serve for a year (Brand,2010,p.9). In

Athens, decision makers have the right to gather free people from Athenian parents. The weight of the decisionis determined by the level of well-being. According to Brand (2010), Thetes minority group consists of the first three income groups. Men out of 500 bushels, menout of 300 bushels and men out of 200 bushels can hold political posts according to the rank of wealth. Free people who do not fall in to this income level can serve and vote in the congregation. This group is the most qualified citizen capable of contributing to society.

There was also a legislative council referred to as ‘Boule’ that comprised of 500 councilors. “500 councilors were chosen each year, 50 from each tribe drawn from every part o fAttica” (Brand, 2010, p.19). Another group, which was not allowed to serve politically but only economically, was the Metics. They were free foreigners or “residentaliens” as Brand put it.

In Athens and Sparta, political workers must be men, citizens, and free. Both consist of meetings that function in the most basic for mof political opinion. Two governments, albeit very different in form, justified slavery.


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