Character Types Description

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Principally, a protagonist is the basic character in the story whose basic function is to do something to fuel up the story events. The remaining characters (secondary) help this one to allow things to move forward and raise the reader’s interest in the work.


An antagonist is the character that opposes the protagonist in the story, and creates him bumps by causing conflictsso as to hinder him from reaching his goal. Basically, he is made to rise motivation in the literary work.


A major character is the one that appears all along the story events. He is often called “Protagonist” whose conflict with an antagonist wets the story events. He plays the basic role, and can be classified under different character. It is the reader’s task to discover that through character connectedness and analyze it.


A minor character does not really play an active role in the work. Its main function consists of pausing or helping the reader to have more cues during a scene or later. They appear and disappear constantly. These are stereotypes or static characters.


These are characters related to the main characters (protagonist and antagonist) that are active and changing during the whole work.


This character does not change or even try to change throughout the work. They are a result of their surrounding in the story and can be target to analysis of what made them keep “passive”.


These are used by writers to avoid gaps in the story build up. Also known as “Stock” characters who represent stereotypes, theyare based on clichés, personal and social prejudice. For instance, the devilish landowner, the secretive friend.

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