Causes and Problems of Teenage Pregnancy

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Many people wait until they are financially stable to have a child or like some, it just happens unexpectedly. Older people are the ones usually experiencing childbirth but in today’s world, most of the percentage comes from teenage girls. Giving birth to another human being must be the most precious thing in life. When the baby is born most parents can’t resist and fall in love all over again. The thought of bringing a child into this world is a beautiful thing, the doctor visits, baby showers etc. However, teenage pregnancy is usually caused by peer pressure, sexual abuse or just simply following a trend.

Many people say when you bring a child into this world your whole life changes, nothing is the same. It’s not about you anymore. Imagine having to carry a baby for nine long months, all the weight gain, body aches and stress you must deal with. When it’s time for the child to arrive, your whole life is put on hold and everything changes. Of course, at the time you are happy for this moment but your life, hopes, and dreams are put on hold for the next 18 years. You must have a good support team, sacrificing things and making plans out so that everything works out.

In some point in life, we all let our peers influence us to do things we normally don’t do. I think one of the major causes of teenage pregnancy is peer pressure. Some teenage girls may feel they are pressured to have sexual intercourse just because it’s their partner or perhaps all the peers are doing it. The partner may manipulate and persuade the other to have unprotected sex which can lead to an unexpected pregnancy. Peer pressure it’s a big thing because one may feel as though they don’t have a choice. The whole relationship may just be based on lust. Many young girls all over the world are victims of sexual abuse.

Whether it’s a family member, partner, friends, or stranger. Teenagers become pregnant because they are victims to rape. This makes young teenagers lose trust and affects them in many ways. They are too scared to talk to anyone about the abuse, so they fear their predator majority of the time. Social media also plays a big part in teenage pregnancy. The things social media shows often praises pregnancy and usually hides what females go through doing and after pregnancy which often encourages young teens to become pregnant. On the other hand, the television glamorizes the idea of having a child at a young age. Many teens watch ’16 & pregnant’ and may get the idea of having a child.

Therefore, they see young mothers on television and think they can do the same but really don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility. Babies are very expensive, and it takes money to provide for one. You must buy all sorts of baby necessities and those things aren’t cheap. You can also get Government assistance to help but having a good job would be better. Many people have babies just for show or like I said before they’re just following a trend, but when the baby gets here that’s when things get hectic and tight.

Having a child at a young age can be difficult and effective. Some parents even drop out of school, just so they can work and provide for their child. Imagine someone finding out that they are pregnant while a high school/college student, it makes them think about life a lot and sometimes they can pick up a lot of stress. It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to take care of a child and maintain being a student, while others decide to do away with the baby and decides on an abortion. However, considering working and going to school can also be stressful not only on you but the baby also.

You must make sure you are not overworking yourself, getting enough rest and completing your assignments on time. You can see that having/considering a child is not an easy job, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. For an example, this is my first year in college and it has been rough because I’m still adjusting to it. Last September I found out I was pregnant, I knew the consequences I would face but that didn’t stop me from aborting my baby. My pregnancy was unplanned and unexpected. I’m not going to drop out of college just because I became pregnant at a young age.

I look at it as a gift, to only push me harder throughout my semesters. However, I’m grateful to have a good paying job and a family that is very understanding and supportive. Not saying that getting pregnant at a young age is a good thing, but I think more young girls should be aware of the things that can lead to pregnancy. One effect most teenagers don’t realize is pregnancy comes with depression.

Most moms go through depression during pregnancy and after giving birth. The emotions that come with being pregnant is usually hard to manage, and it takes weeks for some moms to fully recover. With being a teen mom, you could possibly be in risk of being diagnosed with depression during pregnancy or after giving birth which can lead to post-partum depression. Some teen mom may experience depression while trying to handle the emotions that come with being pregnant. It is best to have someone there to help you cope with the depression while you are pregnant.

As you can see the percentage of teenage pregnancy will probably never go down if young adults are pressured, abused or mislead. All young adults should know the consequences that come behind pregnancy. The fear of becoming a parent at young is real if you’re not out here making smart decisions. Teenage pregnancy may sound hard but support and love from your family and friends it’s possible to go smoothly.


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