Analysis of “The Lottery”

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The Lottery describes a very interesting but dark story, which is very impressive. It tells a story that happened in the village. On a beautiful day, villagers of a small town gathered on the square to draw a prize for the small town. Children run around and collect stones. Tessie Hutchinson, she forgot that today is the day of the lottery. People laughed at her being late. Mr. Summers ended his call to name and everyone opened his or her file. Soon there was news that Bill Hutchinson “got it”.

Tessie thinks this is unfair because Bill doesn’t have enough time to choose a paper. Tessie protested the unfair lottery. Mr. Summers asked everyone to open the newspaper and see who was selected. The lucky choice is Bill Hutchinson. His wife immediately began to protest, so we somehow knew that they would not win millions of dollars but something else. Mrs. Hutchinson) drew a note with a large black dot in the middle. The villagers marched towards her, and it was clear that the real reward of the lottery was: stone smashing. When the villagers attacked Tessie, Tessie’s protest was in vain.

Tessie Hutchinson is the unfortunate victim and loser of the lottery. Tacy painted black marks on the paper, and people stoned her to death. She was excited about the lottery and was willing to participate in the competition every year, but when her surname was printed, she protested that the lottery was unfair. Tessie was late in the village square because she forgot the day. Tessie may be the only villager who opposed the lottery because she is a free spirit. But we don’t know whether Tessie will protest the fairness of the lottery if she doesn’t choose her family, which is controversial.

The narrator described the way the villagers met before the draw, first the children, then the men. These people talk to each other in daily life as if they were engaged in other social activities, revealing how deep the etiquette in their society. Despite the extreme nature of the lottery, the acceptance of etiquette shows that they are willing to abide by the rules and traditions of society. This shows that this dark tradition is left over a long time ago, and the people in the village have guarded this extreme activity against generation to generation.

The villagers fully understand what will happen after the lottery and are willing to participate, most of them are reluctant to consider what will happen if they choose the “wrong” paper. Even if they all attended the creepy ritual that always caused someone to die, they would try their best to avoid their own death. Many seemingly harmless details in the “The Lottery” foretell the conclusion of violence and darkness. In the beginning, there is a foreshadowing of “stone”. Until the end of the story clarifies the real purpose of stone, this seems to be an innocent game, but people still insist on participating in the game’s true rules.

In fact, the moral lesson of the “The Lottery” moral is that evil is obedient, and the worst things we do are often things we are familiar with because we are accustomed to it, people do things that they often do ignorantly and carelessly, The resulting damage factor is such that we will not even consider these morally or question their value.

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What are 3 themes in The Lottery?
The three themes in The Lottery are the dangers of blindly following tradition, the violence that can lurk beneath a seemingly peaceful community, and the power of peer pressure and conformity.
What is the main message of The Lottery?
The main message of The Lottery is that people will blindly follow tradition, even when that tradition is harmful.
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