Analysis of Iron Man as a Superhero

Updated October 6, 2021
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Analysis  of Iron Man as a Superhero essay

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Are all superheroes good or bad and do all superheroes have an ethical framework which they establish on and base their feeling upon when making crucial decision while saving mankind. I think most superheroes have a good framework which they build upon after taking on fights and loses and making selfless decisions to save humanity. Every superhero has their own ethical framework and moral values and it varies from one hero to another. We can see the ethical framework of superman and Batman are different because Superman doesn’t mind killing villains but Batman is totally against killing the villain and wants the justice system to take action and sentence them to jail where they could break out of jail and cause even more deaths later on, because they are super villains who can’t be tamed by normal police folks.

This is where I would like to point my favorite ethical hero is Iron Man, who has a mix of both morals and acts based on the philosophy of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism has slightly different form of definitions but the main ides of it is “a theory that the aim of action should be the largest possible balance of pleasure over pain or the greatest happiness of the greatest number” this can be explained as a action consequences can be valued upon the greatest good it can do for humanity and it greater population.

Iron Man has always wanted to do the best for the society and wants to evade all possible bad outcomes which can occur to human society by doing all means to protect the larger number of human populations by any means possible even if it meant to sacrifice his own life, he would do that as we can see in the movie Avengers where he carries the nuke to outer space by himself on his back knowing that he may not enter earth’s atmosphere again which means he may die in outer space cause his suit was not build to survive out there.

This heroic feat by Iron Man shows his high ethical framework and loyalty and fealty to the cause to save as many humans as much as he could. In all decisions Iron Man makes has greater good and shows that he is capable of taking admirable positions to protect humanity and his own character for example in the movie “Iron Man part “where he is asked to hand over the suit to the government but instead he refuse by knowing this innovation of his is not meant to be shared to the world at that point of time of chaos and rivalry between other countries which could put his inventions to a greater risk to the other major population and would cause more harm to people if he had handed over his suit to the government.

Tony Stark in the starting is portrayed as a rich affluent, confident business man who sells latest arms grade weapon to the government for money and he doesn’t care of other humans and shown a selfish man who changes his attitude and character through the course events that take place in his life and understand the value of life and death when put through it. He also understand the misery his weapons had caused to many people in the world and changes his ways and thinking for the better of humanity.

First of all Tony Stark is a normal human who would never be a superhero without his suit and he knows that very well and is often made fun off by other superheroes. Even though he never gave his suit to the government he always did the best for them as well for the people by gathering information and problem solving the issues the government had. Utilitarianism can be divided into two groups one is Act Utilitarianism and the other is Rule Utilitarianism both have slightly a different approach to concept but keeps the core same

Act Utilitarianism is defined as “The normative principle that all acts are to be judged by their consequences” (pg94) is the core ideology of act utilitarianism which was supported by classical utilitarian like Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. In this we can see that an Act Utilitarianism means is to perform an action which is morally right and can bring the best overall results. I think this a really productive way for mankind to push through struggles and tribulations to see the best for mankind at all times is the key to its survival.

Rule Utilitarianism is slightly different and a modern approach to the many cons to Act Utilitarianism its best defines as “the most efficient means of creating the greater good for humanity is to have a moral code with rules of conduct clearly understood. These moral rules must lead to the maximum amount of happiness, productivity and utility for a maximum number of people, but once decided upon, the rules apply in every scenario without exception”. Overall both Act Utilitarianism and Rule Utilitarianism have the same approach that is to get the most beneficial outcome out of an action but where both differ is they differ on the moral principles of action and principle when directly applied to all scenarios and situations. I think both have their pros and cons but since they all have general goal as to be beneficial to the society I like them.

Ethical framework for a superhero is the butter and soul for character for attraction and admiration. Ethical framework has many definitions and can be seen through many different ways, one of the definitions I could say suited me was “Decisions about right and wrong permeate everyday life. Ethics should concern all levels of life: acting properly as individuals, creating responsible organizations and governments, and making our society as a whole more ethical” which I see has a direct connection to utilitarianism and that is avoid more pain as a society and have more happiness and better the standards and problem solve each problem with utmost respect to all classes.

Ethics of Iron Man is amazing he has put all his resources and time to better the outcomes for himself and the society by investing money and his own technology to improve his suit to battle different undesirable outcomes against villains. He has put his life in danger many a times for saving the people he cares about and also rebuilt by putting his resources for the good of the city. Iron Man is one of the heroes who actively participates in charity.

With all aspects in mind, in conclusion I would like to reemphasize that superheroes with utilitarian ethical basis have the best humanistic approach and to me Iron Man is a classical superhero with a ultra-defined true vision for the betterment of the human society, who is also selfless and sharp in all approaches and his problem solving using critical thinking with the best knowledge to make the right decision with the best interest for the society is a beautiful ethical framework to work around and to fight for no matter who the villain is. Even though Iron Man is not the complete perfect hero, who sometimes fall to rage, anger and some poor decisions he is still a human being with an extraordinary brain and a suit. I believe he is a good example for a good ethical superhero.

Analysis  of Iron Man as a Superhero essay

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