An Essay to Identify the Elements in Franz Kafka’s Story The Metamorphosis

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An Essay to Identify the Elements in Franz Kafka’s Story: The Metamorphosis. The metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a mysterious narration of the transformation of Gregor Samsa into an enormous insect from his humanly body. Gregor is a travelling salesman who moves around with other colleagues selling their wares to earn the family living. The author has employed some powerful and symbolic depiction of separation which is achieved through the literalized metaphor of man as an insect. Although the purpose of Kafka in writing this story does not come out clearly, there are innumerable implications that can be shoveled out from his words.

In the first place, according to the perception of humans, insects can be said to be insignificant (just like somebody would call another one fly). Therefore, Gregor’s metamorphosis from a humanly body to that of an insect reflects his own pre-existing feeling of insignificance. From another point of view, insects are known to repel and are dirty. This shows that Gregor wanted to disgust and repel others. His main agenda could actually be said to unknot something that had earlier happened that the audience cannot unravel. Metamorphosis, according to the author, could mean changing from being good to bad, riches to poverty and many other implications due to unavoidable circumstances.

There are the concepts of human nature that can be defined in the metamorphosis by Gregor. Firstly, there is the concept of reasoning; insects don’t reason like the way Gregor reasoned to realize that he was no more a human being. Moreover, there is the concept of talking because Gregor is heard explaining his predicaments behind the door of his room. Gregor questions on what happened to his body just the same way his family is shocked. The family is left in pains on how to contain Gregor in his insect state.

There are numerous consequences of Gregor’s metamorphosis to the family members. His mother faints while his father is torn between anger and dismay. Crete, his sister, tries to be supportive by a way cleaning his room and leaving food for him. The family is left in pains on how to contain Gregor in his insect state and keep him off the eyes of visitors. In addition, there are solutions that are available for Gregor in body paragraph three. Crete, who was regarded as useless in the family, is appointed as the family expert to manage Gregor. With time, the family members because acclimatized to Gregor’s situation and starts using his room to store the unwanted belongings. This makes him not feel rejected.

Gregor’s perspectives are intentions of changing from his laborious work of a travelling salesman. He finds his distant work boring and tiring; and so he wants to evade it. This perspective changes with time because he never goes back to his businesses. When he tries to enlarge his horizons, he cannot make it, but rather his interests become narrower. From another angle, the family of Gregor responds to him in an enthusiastic manner after some time. In the first place, they are worried about the situation of Gregor but later starts pitying him because he can no longer support them. They are now tasked with taking care of him. The community also responds in the same manner to Gregor’s situation. This is depicted by some his friends who come to visit him at home.

In conclusion, there are many conflicts in life that one has to resolve. The approach to solving such problems is actually a major issue. It is never known whether Gregor’s transformation took place randomly on its own or may be Gregor willed for it, but the bottom line remains that he was able to escape from the trap which ends his conflicts. By becoming an insect, Gregor attains his freedom and the right to avoid guilt; because his freedom is forced upon him.


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