Amir’s Journey in The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini

Updated June 24, 2021

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Amir’s Journey in The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini essay

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In Kite Runner Khalid Hosseini talks about his deeply troubled childhood and how he leads up to try and become good again in his adulthood.Amir and Hassan childhood live’s are dramatically different, that leads to Amir being quiet jealous and also has him performing outrageous behaviors but later down in his adulthood he try’s to figure out to “become good again”.

Amir and Hassan life’s were very different. Amir had a wealthy father Baba that lived in a mansion and also was a very successful man and his reputation is known as highly. Hassan was a Hazara boy with a cleft lip meaning that the town they lived in does not like the Hazara’s so it very hard growing up him and his father Ali lived in a small hut of Amir’s father estate and Ali also served as Baba servant. Hassan and Amir were also best friends but only one person was acting like true friend and that was Hassan.

The author write “ Everyone agreed that my father, my Baba had built the most beautiful house in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, a new and affluent neighborhood in the northern part of Kabul” (4). This quote conveys that Amir had a good home to live in and also seemed that his Baba was wealthy so it didn’t struggle but Amir also acted like he didn’t, he betrayed his behavior very poorly such as being friend with Hassan, he didn’t show him any kind of respect as being a friend but Hassan still stood up for and had his back through thick and thin and someday Amir with regret that.

“Hassan to the mud shack where he had been born, where he’d lived his entire life. I remember it was spare, clean, dimply lit by a pair of three-legged stool, and a wooden table in the corner where Hassan did his drawings. The walls stood bare” (6). This properly indicates that Hassan didn’t live in a proper home but it was good enough for him as though he lived there his entire life so he’s probably adapt to it but I feel as though that at times he feels on a lower level as Amir because he sees how he father has this big beautiful home and wonders why it couldn’t be him but he also shows good conduct in his attitude he doesn’t walk around acting stubborn or depressed he just try to live his best life as a child.

I know you all are probably wondering why Amir has to try and be “good again” in the first place. Amir always felt like he was a disappointment to his Father and he wanted to impress him at least one time, and Kite flying what a big thing to Baba but not so much Amir but he was willing to like it to empress Baba. One day Amir and Hassan participated in kite flying tournament and when Amir actually was actually do a good job to the the point that he could actually win Baba starts getting surprised and excited.

The author write “ They were coming down all over the place now, the kites, and I was still flying. I was still flying. My eyes kept wandering over to Baba, bundled up in his wood sweater. Was he surprised I had lasted as long as I had?” (63). This portrays that Baba didn’t have much faith in Amir and that’s why he was trying to empress Baba with the kite tournament. But after Amir won the kite tournament Hassan disappeared with the kite so of course Amir had to find Hassan to get the kite from him but while finding him he runs across Assef and crew surrounded around Amir trying to get the kite from him but being the loyal friend Hassan wasn’t going to let that happen knowing that the Kite meant everything to Amir to make his father proud.

Assef decides to rape Hassan because he didn’t give him the kite and Amir see’s the whole thing and doesn’t try and stop it or nothing he thinks the kite is more important than not taking no actions of seeing his only friend getting hurt knowing you could possibly stop it.

“ I gave a shrug and sank in the sofa by the fireplace. He’s got a cold or something. Ali says he’s sleeping it off” (82). This quote shows how selfish Amir is , he knows the truth on what’s going on with Hassan and decided no to tell Baba just because he doesn’t want all his attention to go away from Baba which is really sad because how could you possibly o tell anyone when you know your best friend is hurting and scared Feels so violated and let him suffer in silence that just shows how desperate you are for attention.

After years passed Amir grows into his adulthood where he takes on a lot of guilt but he tries to forget by moving to America and soon‘ get married and builds a new life. He gets a sudden phone call from his father old friend Rahim Khan wanting Amir to come down to Afghanistan to see him before he died and also have a unexpected note from Hassan before she passed and also wanted him to do a favor for him that could possibly makeup for what he did to Hassan. He wanted Amir to find his son Sohrab and get him. At first Amir wasn’t up for it but he realized that this could be a good start to becoming “good again”.

Amir’s Journey in The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini essay

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