“Why Don’t We Dance” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” Analysis

Updated April 26, 2022

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“Why Don’t We Dance” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” Analysis essay

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Why Don’t We Dance and A Streetcar Named Desire are two literary pieces that have been known as a revolution of their time. Why Don’t We Dance was written by Raymond Carver and published in 1978., whereas A Streetcar Named Desire a play written by Tennessee Williams published in 1947. Both pieces very influential to the literary world for their time and heavily influenced writing later on. These pieces both reflect on society and how individuals perceive the things around them.

Raymond Carver born in 1938 was a literary writer of short stories and poems. Carver was born from a sawmill worker in Oregon but grew up in Washington state. Carver had many influential pieces but one that stands out is his short story Why Don’t We Dance. The story starts out talking about a man who looks out to his bedroom suite in his front lawn. People tended to stare at his front lawn unsure of what they saw, assuming that it could perhaps be a yard sale. Eventually, a couple parks in his driveway assuming it to be a yard sale and start looking at what is out assuming that its all for sale and that they are going to buy some things. As the couple gets out of their car looking for ways they can continue to furnish their apartment both start touching and testing things out and make themselves at home. They lay on the bed and the girl suddenly insists that the boy kisses her, the boy then states that he is going to look to see if anyone is home to find out how much the things that they assume the owner is desperate to sell. The owner then suddenly appears back from a run to the market with alcohol and some sandwiches. He then greats the girl and boy and they ask about the prices for the bed and television and offer ten dollars lower each time which the man accepts automatically. The man offers the couple a drink then sits on the sofa explaining that everything goes and to make him an offer. They continue to drink while listening to a record, shortly after followed by another record. The man then states that they should dance and after hesitating a bit they dance then the girl asks the man to dance with her, he then states that he hopes she like her bed in which she responds “ you must be desperate of something”(Carver). The story ends with the girl talking to friends weeks later explaining the peculiar events and stating “There was more to it, and she was trying to get it talked out”(Carver).

This piece is a great work of literary short stories because it evokes so much emotion to the reader. At first, it causes the reader to feel confused as to why this man has a bedroom and the living area outside his front lawn, but then Carver makes the audience feel irritated at the couple because of there assumptions and crudeness not caring about just walking into that mans driveway and looking around feeling things and messing with his things. The couple in the story show a sense of entitlement expecting that this man is just selling all his things and that they are going to be able to receive those things for very cheap The couple essentially thinks that this man is just very desperate to get rid of all his things and that’s why he placed them all outside in a peculiar fashion. The emotions are not only directed towards the couple but also there are sympathetic emotions towards the man or the owner of the house because in a sense these people are literally in his front lawn touching his things turning on his TV and sleeping on his own bed without even knowing for sure that all these things are for sale. There’s also a sense of defeat for the owner of the house and the things because he continuously just agrees to whatever offer the couple gives gives him not really caring about how much value the things have or caring about how much money he lost on those things. All in all this was a great literary piece that continued to make the audience have numerous amount of feelings all throughout the short story as well as Houck Carver make sure that every piece of information in the short story was needed in order for the reader to understand what it was about.

Another marvelous work is a streetcar named desire this play written by Tennessee Williams was a play that was so outlandish for its times. Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus Missouri he came from an overbearing father in an alcoholic mother and was an openly gay man which was unheard of during that time. Williams did not subject himself to society’s norms he refused to let society dictate how he should think or what he should do which is what heavily influenced his writing and the play a streetcar named desire. The premise of this play begins with the setting being in New Orleans during the anxious years following World War Two, A Streetcar Named Desire is the narrative of Blanche DuBois, a delicate and masochist lady on an urgent lurk for somewhere on the planet to consider her own. In the wake of being ousted from her old neighborhood of Laurel, Mississippi, for alluring a seventeen-year-old kid at the school where she showed English, Blanche clarifies her startling appearance on Stanley and Stella’s (Blanche’s sister) doorstep as apprehensive weariness. This, she asserts, is the aftereffect of a progression of budgetary cataclysms which have as of late guaranteed the family ranch, Belle Reve. Dubious, Stanley calls attention to that ‘under Louisiana’s Napoleonic code what has a place with the spouse has a place with the husband.’ Stanley, a strong and brutish man, is as regional as a puma. He discloses to Blanche he doesn’t care to be cheated and requests to see the bill of offer. This experience characterizes Stanley and Blanche’s relationship. They are restricting camps and Stella is trapped in no-man’s-land. Be that as it may, Stanley and Stella are profoundly enamored. Blanche’s endeavors to force herself between them just incenses the creature inside Stanley. When Mitch – a card-playing mate of Stanley’s – shows up on the scene, Blanche starts to see an exit from her situation. Mitch, himself alone on the planet, respects Blanche as a lovely and refined lady. However, as bits of gossip about Blanche’s past in Auriol start to get up to speed to her, her conditions become insufferable.

“Why Don’t We Dance” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” Analysis essay

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