The Superstitions and Beliefs on the Supernaturals

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There are many occurrences in this world that can simply not be explained by conventional means. For this reason, other explanations have been offered: spirits, demons, vampires and other such creatures have been blamed for years. People go missing, little kids are taken from their homes, yet no convictions are made, and no explanations are offered. In the old days, suspicion of being or having knowledge of these creatures were reason to be exiled or even hanged. Today however, vampires and other such supernatural creatures are no longer the subjects of constant ridicule. In fact they have gone from bedtime folklore to mainstream obsession. Movies, books and even some plays have been created worshipping these concoctions. The base truth of the matter however is that, it is almost totally impossible to believe in creatures such as these. Take vampires for instance: a species that lives only on human plasma. Seems improbable due to that fact, but how about the fact that they are as strong as ten men, and only vulnerable to very few things. Vampires for years have been said to be only susceptible to sunlight, silver, and of course a wooden stake. With these facts in mind it seems even more improbable that there creatures could possible exist.

However in many cases these animals have been responsible for many of the deaths around the U.S. Graves have been overturned in order to see if they have been emptied or if they still contain the people in them. But on the other hand there have been too many things that have not been explained. Too many times have there been people commit heinous crimes in the names of one of these creatures for them not to exist. And to believe that humans are the be all end all of existence is plain gullibility. Instead of believing in nothing why not take a chance and believe in something that science cannot explain. What could it hurt? Except your pride…but the fact of the matter is, is that no one knows whether or not the creatures exist, unless they have been greeted by one of them. And chances are that these select few do not plan on telling anyone. So do I believe in superstitions? That would have to be yes. Because to believe in nothing except ourselves, is simple over confidence in our own superiority.

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