“The Masque of the Red Death” Analysis

Updated June 8, 2022

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“The Masque of the Red Death” Analysis essay

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Will you go to Heaven or Hell? The Redeemer said that he’s going to come again with wealthy person and glorification. You and you best can determine if you are going to heaven or hell. God does no longer need you to be in unbelief, He does the whole thing with a view to make it viable for every person to just accept him. Jesus will come while the people are least expect it, to judge all sinners for eternity. “You’ll be judged at the seat of Christ.”(bible.org) If you are unprepared you’re in the problem. All believers can be taken up with Christ. “The Masque of the Red Death” shows how Jesus is going to return again and lots of non-believers, while Jesus comes, will not see it coming to them.

For many non-believers who didn’t receive Christ, death means everlasting punishment. “… death … after that comes judgment.”(Hebrews 9:27) Once you die you go to immediate judgment whether that be seeing the kingdom of God or going straight to the Torment so-called “Hell”. It is never too late even if you are on your dying bed and haven’t even made peace with God. Making peace with God is repenting your sin, giving your whole self to God, letting him take the wheel of your life. “ dying thief on the cross turned to Christ and said, “Lord, remember me.”…Jesus replied, “Today you will be with me in Paradise”(Luke 23:42-43). This is a great example of no matter young or old you can still commit to what Christ does and says to do. When you are an unbeliever your soul separates from the body. All believer will be sent to the place of great joy with the Lord. In the masque of the red death, the prince is running from the black room, which is the final judgment. The prince knows what is to come. He didn’t have the guts to see who was masked. He didn’t because he had been living life the wrong way. He was living life not worrying about anything, in a life on how he wanted it. The final judgment of God all unbelievers will come together with their bodies and go to the lake of fire for the rest of eternity. If you are nonbeliever your life from God is filled with guilt, hopelessness, emptiness, a disaster that has already happened, living without hope or even a meaning to live. Living in a broken world leads to sheer emptiness which is why you need God. You can not live in an existence without an extraordinary relationship with God you endure the absence of the significance of that.

Many of unbelievers believe that some unbelievers will go to heaven. Some will go by the sovereign grace of God. Like the people who don’t have access to it, Eternal salvation is by grace. “Salvation is not of works”(Titus 3:5). It is not about the good deeds you do. It has to do what Jesus does for you. Faith is something that you do to get saved. There is no excuse for not knowing God. We are able to see God through many things like creation and other things. We can see sicknesses and other things such as many things. In the masque of the Red death, they are living through the happiness hiding what bad things can do for you. You can’t just live life on everything that is good. God does things to test us. The Red Death is a great example of how someone hides from something. Knowing how Jesus masked himself in many ways. By testing all of us and unmasking himself to see that they follow or unfollow him. The people chose to hide and ultimately they suffering from more sickness faster. They are trying to hide from getting that sickness. You can’t hide from God, He is always there. We as people have the crazy, foolish idea that we can hide away our problem, our work, our everything. But we can’t God know where you are. You are never hidden from him.

The question is are you prepared? The Masque of the Red death people continually wait and waited for the death to come to them. Then when they were coming upon death it was left with them. The people were left in the suffering. The devil comes to “steal, kill and destroy”(The Rapture) He is made to bring you down and bring you down. We have no control over what happens to us but what we can do is prepare for when He comes. God is the one that plans and we are the ones to be prepared for his plans. “If you feel God drawing you to faith in Christ come to Christ(John 6:44)”Once everyone was dead in the Masque of the Red Death the candles go out leaving ‘darkness, decay, and the Red Death.’ You have the choice. Whether it be living in ultimate despair or living in the glory of Jesus Christ having the best eternity. “ Like a thief in the night.” God made us to love people and He wants the same back. There is no second chance on if you are going to heaven or hell. It is your choice on you and you, you only. Everyone should be settling on some kind of decision.

Those who have had embraced everything from destruction to fatalism faced God in a way that there is anger with God. Maybe you have never seen a spark on how Jesus is doing something good. When you feel that life is getting better He just hits you in the back with something that hurts you. We all can live on how we want to. We have to remember this there will be a day where judgment will come. We are going to have to tell the one who created us how we lived our life. We are not able to see the future. Then we should try to live so we can live in paradise with God instead of being with the devil and living to life be in hell later with the devil. It is impractical to fulfill Satan and God. The choice is whether you live for God or the living by serving the Satan.

“The Masque of the Red Death” Analysis essay

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