Smoke Should be Illegal

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Smoking is a hazard that kills trillions of people each year due to an addictive substance known as nicotine, usually found in cigarettes increasing addiction worldwide. Smoking cause pollution, cancer, memory loss, stress, bad hygiene, heart issues, symptoms of second hand smoking, or potentially injured loved ones. Less consumers could save countless of lives, nature, or families around the world. Therefore, smoking should be illegal, because the fumes released harms the ecosystem, and people who are exposed to smoke inhale toxic chemicals.

It’s safe to say smoking is destructive to the human body by causing cancer cells to enter the bloodstream affecting different types of organs, such as lungs, kidneys, and heart. Smoking should be criminalized, since cancer is sort of what incurable by medication. Smoking is mustard gas the damages it can cause are inflicting towards our body.

In acknowledge, memory that’s stored in the mind could be tampered with by long-term smoking by speeding the cortex from narrowing. This could possibly have an effect on education, due to the cortex being the control center and having responsibility for key functions, like thinking and to store information. Frequently using a cigarette could cause the brain to spam the delete button.

I believe that fewer smokers could lower the mortality rate from preventing chronic disease, like lung disease. If we have an reduced amount of smokers it’s bound to have an impact on disease development saving hundreds of lives. You can stop smokers from smoking cigarettes this can spread happiness across the globe.

We could end people from smoking cigarettes together, which lessens the effects of pollution by reducing the release of carbon dioxide into the air. The carbon dioxide from cigarette smoke traps heat causing global warming in the environment, which has an affect on us today. Hindering one smoke a day could essentially save millions of people on our planet.

I truly believe smoking can cause dependency, which cause them to be stressful more often. Smoking is addictive in long-term, which in most cases used to relieve stress developing a habit to fix tension in real life situations. I see cigarettes as todays fly agaric addiction back in the Old World.

It’s difficult for a few to realize second hand smoking negatively affects children or pregnant mothers. The fumes released by cigarettes are destructive towards the growth of children, and cause miscarriage to pregnant womens. The smell of burnt paper burns our lungs as it’s absorbed from the outside of the nasal cavity filling our lungs with grey clouds.

However, you don’t see rotten teeth, grey hair, and awful smell of smoke an improvement to health. I’m positively sure that poor hygiene has a dreadful outcome towards health, which may cause chronic illnesses, like respiratory disease that is crucial to human health substantially disturbing the daily life of the person well-being. People who smoke cigarettes smell like they crawled out from the city dump.

It’s well known that the heart is one of the busiest organ to instantaneously pump blood throughout are body. Smoking could cause heart palpitations that have the heart beating abnormal, than usual causing a heart attack or a stroke to portentous victims. Cigarettes disrupt the beating of the heart accelerating the risk of a heart attack that could stop the heart from beating.

Cigarettes must be banned because cigarettes cause devastation towards families and wildlife. When each person around the world smokes the world’s deeply in a situation of the children internally damaged, including the surrounding slowly change as smoke tempers with the environment.

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