Should English be used as a Lingua Franca?

Updated August 3, 2022
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Should English be used as a Lingua Franca? essay

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Over the years, the adoption of the English language as a medium of communication between individuals who do not have a common native language has dramatically increased. The effect is significantly correlated with increased globalization, Moreover, the language has been seen as a threat to both local languages and cultures, due to its stand globally. The English language should be used as a ‘lingua franca’ based on the facts that it is more wildly known.

This is in terms of providing a common platform of communication of individuals with no common native language, ‘English as a lingua franca’ enables learners to tackle linguistic systems in the target language This is in case they encounter properties in that target language which may be similar to their first language This situation enables them to consider the most prominent or salient characteristics of the system, In addition, this situation enables them, to use the system they are not acquainted with utmost readiness (Schneider 57 Moreover, the utilization of the English language as a ‘lingua franca‘ will help in overcoming monolingualism bearings concerning language and competency — what is referred to as ‘monolingual bias.’

The language provides a tool for the study of the scientific factors involved in multilingual development, in addition to providing a ‘profound shift’ in the process of developing a second language. Furthermore, the English language’s popularity is unprecedented to other languages English as a dialect is spoken by individuals from different backgrounds and ethnic groups. The language therefore, provides a common means of communication between such individuals.

From a multifaceted model approach, through using English as “lingua franca,” especially in academia to communicate ideas, students are not required to comply with principles they will never be exposed to, In this scenario, the norms of the native English speakers do not necessarily have to be considered during communication. Alternatively, the learners can come up with their linguistic systems they are unswervingly exposed to, and which work for them Furthermore, the learners can implement a parallel form in their dialects especially in language learning circumstances in “multilingual” civilizations (Cameron and Larsen-Freeman 226) Moreover, the English dialect provides an edge between ‘second language acquisitions (SLA)’ and ‘English as lingua franca (ESL)’.

Speakers of the English dialect who learn it as a second language such as Asians, French, and Africans have the same privileges as do native speakers in terms of communicating scientific research English is also currently ranked the most used language on the internet. This fact places it on a higher scale to be used as a standard language for sharing ideas between both the native and non-native speakers (Seidlhofer 339).  The English language used by non-native speakers varies greatly from that used by native speakers. The adoption of English as “lingua franca,” will enable native speakers to incorporate or imitate the socially attractive speech of non-native ones. This situation is likely to develop the language, furthermore, using English as a common language does not intimidate plurilingualism as mirrored by national dialects in the European Union, and the peaceable synchronicity of both domestic and marginal languages in the same realm (Faber 19). English is not only used for worldwide communication but also supplements quite many national languages (House 556). English is presently being used in global business discourse and other science and technical discussions. This statistic places English at a higher position of being used as a common language of communication between two individuals who speak different native languages.

In conclusion, the extensive use of English as an intercontinental dialectal and as means of sharing ideas and knowledge has transformed the dialect into a new diversified type of English. This diversified variety of English is identified as “English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)? In spite of uncertainties to the contrary, ELF is not harmful to plurilingualism portion of the European distinctiveness.

This is due to the fact that it delivers the setting where individuals who speak diverse national tongues can intermingle with one another and converse useful ideologies in their various fields, This is particularly correct in the context of universities. In universities, English is used as a medium of coaching in diverse republics. This enables the universities to produce joint masters and doctorate programs, and enable postgraduate scholars to obtain the best possible in both worlds. The adoption of English as “lingua franca” should, therefore, be encouraged.

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Should English be used as a Lingua Franca? essay

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