Self-Assessment and Job Application Memo

Updated June 8, 2022

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Self-Assessment and Job Application Memo essay

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Leadership is a crucial and indispensable component to the success of any company. I am Luis Galvez, one of the current staff members at Biotech, with an interest of steering the company towards innovative solutions as well as leadership growth within its employees.

Position for Consideration and Leadership Competencies

I am inclined to innovative solutions to problems and would be honoured to work as the company’s Vice President of Headquarters Operations. I have been committed to the firm’s success as exhibited by the several innovative solutions over time through a coordinated team effort with the staff in multiple departments. While recently working as part of the senior leader hiring committee and reading the requirements and description for the Vice President of Headquarters Operations it is my assessment that I would make a good candidate for this position. My experience within the company as well as the qualifications and previous performance will place me as a good candidate for this position. In consideration to fill the VP of Headquarter Operations position, Biotech is looking for the following competencies. Leadership showcases an individual’s ability to engage and energize people by bringing out the best of their talents and skills while producing results for the organization (Bilimoria, 2012, para. 1). For the position of Vice President, the leadership competencies have been narrowed down to having an ability to communicate clearly while maintaining and building relationships. The soft leadership skills developed by my military assignments living abroad display heightened levels of creativity (Maddux, 2013, para. 1). The leadership competencies that I possess are in line with what the position requires. I am capable to make clear concise decisions, and after working with Biotech, I understand the organization and its needs, my adaptability and ability of finding creative solutions to problems could prove to be a catalyst to this company.

Jung Personality Test and Self-Esteem Test

The Jung typology test is based off the Jung and Briggs-Myers’ personality type theory (Jung Typology Test, n.d. p. 1). These types of tests have been used to help people discover the best career paths for their personality type, understand how to best communicate and help learn the different styles of leadership that suit them (Jung Typology Test, n.d. p. 1) The results of my test showed that I fell into the INTJ category. This category is described as perfectionist with an endless capacity for improving upon anything that interests the subject (INTJ, n.d. para. 2). The people in this category are also known as system builders for their unusual trait combination of imagination and reliability (INTJ, n.d. para. 3) Imagination may not be directly needed in this role however; it will help with problem solving and is considered a trait that is important to leadership. The self-esteem test is used to determine how well a person sees themselves and how they function in a healthy manner (Self-esteem, n.d. para. 1). If a person does not possess a strong sense of self, then they will not be able to take the required risks and make decisions necessary to live life in a productive manner to its fullest potential. The position of Vice President of Headquarters Operations requires a person who can handle criticism they receive for their choices and can learn and move forward. The qualities that I possess according to my personality type will assist in effectively handling the new position.

Communication Skills

Communication is identified as the most important leadership skill within any organization (Critical Leadership, n.d. pg. 3). Communication is not limited to words and conversation but also reading body language, and effectively communicating in ways that build relationships (Critical Leadership, n.d. pg. 3). The communication skills test provided by HTC is comprised of 20 questions with a maximum score of 100 points. My individual score is 81 which rates in the highest score category. Although considered a high score, it also demonstrates the room for improvement which will always be there no matter the category or situation. Communication is critical at any level but even more so at the senior leadership level which is responsible for decisions that will impact the company and its stakeholders. This skill can be used to clearly articulate and communicate goals, vision, and can be used to maintain and create relationships between employees and customers (Critical Leadership, n.d. pg 3).

Leadership Skills and Styles

In consideration to fill the Vice President of Headquarter Operations position, Biotech is looking for someone who is moderately risk tolerant, whose strength is in leading multiple generations, leading diverse teams, being inclusive, and great at communicating a shared vision to various audiences. The leadership style test classified me as an idealist. This is a highly energetic achiever who wants to learn and grow and wants their employees to do the same (Quiz: What’s Your Leadership Style?, 2017, para. 1). This style allows employees to think for themselves as well as present their own ideas. This style allows a lot of flexibility when dealing with subordinates which will work well in the position of Vice President of Headquarters Operations as this position is collocated with other branches of Biotech.

Cultural and Emotional Intelligence

Cultural intelligence deals with the ability to deal with the boundaries of different cultures (Common Purpose, n.d., pg. 1). The results of my test were scored high and can be correlated to my experiences with different cultures as part of my military experience. The emotional intelligence test gives a score out of ten in each of four different categories, self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, and relationship management. Self-awareness is the core of a person’s emotional intelligence, this shows that you can understand your own emotions and recognize the impact they have on performance (Emotional Intelligence Test, n.d., pg. 1). Self-control is simply how an individual keeps their emotions under control (Emotional Intelligence Test, n.d. p 5). Social awareness is understanding others, as well as having empathy (Emotional Intelligence Test, n.d. p 6). And finally, relationship management is how one inspires or develops a group (Emotional Intelligence Test, n.d. p 7). The scores I received for each of these categories are 8,7,8, and 7 which leave room for improvement but are score in the upper percentiles. This is a solid foundation for any leader placed in a demanding leadership role.

Ultimate Ethics

Time has proven that leaders who lack good moral ethics cause their companies profits and even prove catastrophic in some cases. An ethically sound employee will make good decisions that will have a positive impact on those around them thus creating a force multiplier. Ethics are the foundation of a good person and a great civilization (The Ultimate Ethics Quiz, n.d., para. 1). This is required in all aspects of life from day to day activities and extending to business. Having good ethics is key to any person leading anyone. Leaders without ethics lose their moral bearing and are characterized as bad people (Geroge, B., 2011, para. 10). By having ethics this can keep a leader from making bad decisions that lead to people abusing power (Geroge, B., 2011, para. 14). The results of my ethics quiz show that I rate in the medium to high category scoring 90% from a possible 100%.


The future of Biotech resides in its ability to select the best qualified and experienced senior leaders that will catapult the company to the next level as previous Biotech leaders have done in the past. The tests that have been taken prior to writing this memo show my true capabilities as a leader. It is my belief that the capabilities that I possess will help the company and I to effectively and efficiently assume the role and responsibility as Vice President of Headquarters Operations. With my prior experience and the results listed above I have full confidence that I am the right fit and possess the right skills required for the position of the Vice President of Headquarters Operations.

Self-Assessment and Job Application Memo essay

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