Rosa Parks and civil rights

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Rosa Parks is known as the mother of the civil rights movements Mr. Charles was taunting rosa with white supremacy group with his rights( “Rosa Parks” Biography). Rosa was found guilty and had to pay 10 dollars plus 4 dollars for court costs for the violation of chapter 11 paragraph 3 and it later downgraded to disorderly conduct. The reason why she did this is to stop segregation in Montgomery(“Rosa Parks” History). Rosa parks have stated that she has not felt embarrassed to be arrested in her life(“Rosa Parks” Britannica). As she protested she told people to stay off the busses on Monday and they listened they walked more than 20 miles to go to work and some carpooled to work(“Rosa Parks Life” History).
When rosa was five she and her family were constantly targeted by the kkk and they faced criticism by the color of their skin and they faced death threats. And when she was young she was constantly sick and she dropped out of school when she was 16 years to take care of her ailing grandmother and her mom witch they died when she was doing one of the movements of her civil right in Montgomery. She was married in 1932 to a barber named Raymond Parks. When she was 81 joseph skipper assaulted and robbed she was bruised and badly shaken. When she was young she had to deal with the violence and the assaults from older white men about 20 or 30 when she was thirteen. The schools she went to highlander school, industrial schools for girls, and Alabama state teachers college for differences.
When she was 20 she joined the N.A.A.C.P to support people\’s rights through this program. When she was a child she was bullied by get pushed off the sidewalk and having a threat about getting a brick thrown at her. She was a believer about self-defense and civil rights and she was not going to take this sitting down and her grandfather was sitting on their porch when the kkk went walking by with shotgun in hand. When she was in school the city had provided bus transportation and a new school to the same and made the differents walk to the 1st through 6th-grade schoolhouse

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