Phenomenon of Drug Abuse

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The phenomenon of drug abuse is not just about adults and teenagers but these symptoms have spread among teenagers including children and elementary school students. We all know bad things can happen to the drugs users. For an example, drug addiction, school dropout and teen violence continue to highlight the depth of the drug problem among teenagers. They also can have fatal and chronic health problems. They can destroy their personal, social and professional lives. They may even end up their life in prison. But why did teenagers taking drugs? What are the causes of drug use among teenagers?

The first cause is simple curiosity. Many teens have heard about drugs, and they feel curious to experience it for themselves. They have heard that drugs can be fun, or make a person feel and act different. Maybe they have seen their friends or family members behave differently while on drugs, and they want to see how it really feels. We see drugs on TV and movies every day. It is not unusual to be curious about something you see and hear about so often, that’s why many people like to try drugs because they are curious about them, even it is very dangerous.

In addition, lack of religious education is also a factor in drug abuse. Adolescents who are less religious than their parents are more likely to fall into drug abuse. This is because with the teen’s strong religious beliefs it can be difficult to make mistakes or to do wrong in law and religion. due to their lack of religious education it will be easier to commit wrongdoing such as drug abuse.

In addition, parental neglect has also been a causes of drug abuse among teenagers. This is undeniable because parents who are always busy with work to earn a living and make a living for the happiness of their children. But the time spent for the children is limited by their busyness in doing the work. Over time, that freedom led them to the brink of drug abuse.


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Is drug addiction a social phenomenon?
Yes, drug addiction is a social phenomenon as it is influenced by various social factors such as peer pressure, social norms, and economic conditions. It is also affected by social policies and interventions aimed at preventing or treating addiction.
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Examples of drug abuse include using drugs for non-medical reasons, using more drugs than prescribed, and using drugs in a way that is different from how they are intended to be used.
What is drug abuse and its effect?
Drug abuse is the use of illegal drugs or the use of legal drugs in a way that is harmful to the person using them. Drug abuse can lead to addiction, health problems, and even death.
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Descartes' main point in Meditations is that the only thing that can be known for certain is that he exists. Everything else is a matter of opinion.
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