Updated January 3, 2023

My Motivation for a Career in Scholarship and Nursing

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My Motivation for a Career in Scholarship and Nursing essay
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My dream of becoming a Nurse started when I volunteered at Promenade Rehabilitation Center. I remember it like it was yesterday; the automatic doors, squeaky clean floors, nurses running about and of course the elderly in wheelchairs occasionally calling my name for an extra push. Many of the elderly I worked with had been left at the nursing home abandoned, mistreated and forgotten by their family members. They were sad but I made it my duty to make them happy with my compassionate and warm smile. I let them know that they could trust me. This made my volunteer experience not only rewarding but also meaningful as it sparked a fire in me. Like a light bulb going off in a geniuses’ mind, I realized that nursing was the career for me.

Another motivation for a career in nursing started from my mother’s influence. I would wake up to her getting dressed in her white scrubs and the smell of black coffee, as she got ready for a day’s work as a Nurse’s Aide. My mom would always say, “I want the best for you.” I never knew what my mother truly meant when she said those words until I entered college. Her words kept me waking up in the morning every time I struggled out of bed for an early class. This motivation came from me knowing that she did not complete her dream of becoming an RN. I am continuing her legacy as well as adding my own goals and dreams for future generations.

I was able to establish a tight bond with those I worked with at Promenade. Bella, one of the elderly, became my friend, Bella and I would talk about anything from our favorite dishes to guys who broke our hearts. I remember her telling me how much she hated being at the nursing home. She told me how some of the nurses barely cared about the patients and how horrible some were treated. I didn’t believe what Bella said until I actually saw it.

No one ever likes being ignored. As I walked through the hallways and peeked in the rooms of the residents, I saw a nurse completely neglect an old man’s request for food by leaving because her shift was over. After seeing this, I ran to the kitchen area, made a tray of food for the old man and carried it to his room. “Please feed me,” he said. I did as he said. He was very content afterwards, and said, “You’d be a great nurse someday.”

The hardest part of my days would be leaving Promenade. “Are you coming back tomorrow?” one of the resident’s would say. I’d smile and say, “Yes.” I felt like a superhero at Promenade. Observing an importance of a nurse’s role in a patient’s life influenced me to serve others. From that day, I knew that this was something I could see myself doing. I want to be able to heal people through love, trust, and care. Nursing has its advantages and disadvantages but making a difference in someone’s life is one of the most amazing things about it. My mother would be proud to see me become a nurse and celebrate in not only my success but hers also.

To be considered for this scholarship would mean the world to me. It would make my ultimate dream of being a Nurse Anesthetist come true. Although this process is long and stressful, I am excited to reap the rewards that will come. I am the best candidate for this scholarship. I know that there are other candidates who can say the same thing, but my passion for service and dedication are what sets me apart from the pack. I am committed to always produce the best results academically and professionally. The financial support that I would receive from this scholarship would be useful. It would also take away that sense of worry and concern about financial troubles. With this scholarship, the financial burden of college can be a little easier. I will focus more on my studies and work hard to make my dream a success story.

My Motivation for a Career in Scholarship and Nursing essay

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