My Academic and Life Goals

Updated April 25, 2022

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My Academic and Life Goals essay

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My Short term academic goal would involve me to explore whichever directions it takes me, To follow and experience working toward achieving the education necessary to do that work once I discover what I would want to do. As of now, my short term goal would be to attain an associate degree in Business. My projection date for graduation is in 2019. A long term academic goal would be for me to further my education. Moreover, by obtaining my bachelor’s degree. Making sure I pick the right career path for myself. Also, I will genuinely enjoy working in the business field. How I am compensated for the work should be an effect of doing work that you love, not the goal itself.

The reason why these goals are essential for me to reach because I am looking for a career, not just a Job. This would give me sustainability in my Life. Goals Help Us Believe In Ourselves. Setting goals for myself is a way to fuel and have ambition. Goal setting is not just about creating a plan for my life and holding myself accountable, and it is also about, inspiring which is needed to aim for things such as never thought possible.

Some of the steps I can take to help me achieve my goals and identified them so, that an I can become a productive citizen. Preparing my imagination by Writing down my goals is a form of keeping my thoughts together, and staying organized This is then becoming a statement of intent. The process of writing down my goal forces the subconscious to accept the commitment you have made to work towards my target. It has been suggested that you should write your goal out not just once, but once every morning to keep you focused through each day. Setting a deadline set a target date by which you will complete your goal.

If my goal is a more substantial, farther complex challenge, divide it down into tiny measures and determine a deadline for each separate step. I can also put these critical dates into my diary or computerized planner. Being a student has helped me to mature and think more clearly by changing my mindset I can begin to work on my mindset long before I can tackle one of my many first goals. Develop a positive, “glass-half-full” approach to every aspect of my life, including your thoughts about how you will achieve your goals.

Motivated people, and have belief and strengths. Work on my attitude at every opportunity available. Aforementioned should remain a lifelong process.

My Academic and Life Goals essay

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