Lung Cancer: Are Your Lungs Really Worth The Smoke?

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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally, there have been 14.1 million new cancer patients since 2012. Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer, often found in men and is one of the most common causes of death. Scientists have concluded that lung cancer is linked to those who smoke tobacco products. Lung cancer can also form due to secondhand smoking.

Many times cancer patients are not left with many options, for many patients, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation is their only choice. Chemotherapy has various side effects on the body like pain physically, mentally, allergic reactions, nerve damage, loss of appetite, etc. Physicochemical properties influences usage as drug carriers. Physicochemical properties play an important role in index therapy according to Lipinski rule, which is the solubility of an anti-cancer drug and how it will affect the patient’s cancer treatment. Solubility of an anti-cancer drug will affect a person membrane.

Anti-cancer drugs are used to treat lung cancer patients mostly, the side effect of this drug is damage to healthy cells and organs. A nebulizer is used to administer medication to patients through a machine in the form of mist then in inhaled into the lungs. Using a nebulizer also allows doctors to administer larger amounts of medication to the patient in smaller portions. Cancer in general is a disease that is known by many and caused by the unknown. Luckily for patients today scientists have worked endlessly to come up with treatment options. Lung cancer specifically is one of the most known types of cancer and by far the most lethal.


I found this article to be very interesting, which is quite weird because I’m not the type of person who like reading especially reading something with so many big words. The Essential question translating my article is “Are Your Lungs Really worth The Smoke?” I chose this particular topic because my grandmother died from lung cancer almost three years ago and now two of my aunts are currently battling cancer right now, one is now in remission. Cancer has affected multiple of my family members and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about it.   To complete this process of  finding a good article, a detailed research is required to successfully understand and gather the materials needed for publication. This assignment required plenty of hard work and discipline to stay focus. To make sure that my abstract was mistake-free, I wrote multiple versions and had three of my peers review and proofread them. My audience is for cancer patients or their families.

Designing my brochure for this assignment required me to use Google Docs and an brochure template, making it essential for me to become more familiar with this program. It was very interesting being able to partner up with one of my peers in class who understand the details of my choice of topic. As I look back over this assignment I have to say that I am proud myself. It’s so easy to want to give up when you don’t necessarily understand from the beginning, but if you keep at something you get it eventually. If someone would’ve told me last year that I would be in college right now, I doubt I would have believed them.

College has been one of the most interesting journey thus far. During the course of this assignment I have learned so much, including the produces that cancer patients obtain and also things about myself like that I write my papers better when I write down what I want to say on paper first then reread it outloud. I prefer to work methodically, beginning and ending each section before moving on to the next.

Also I have realized I prefer to work on flat surfaces sitting up so I will not get sleepy or so easily distracted. Furthermore I tend to be more creative when I’m at home by myself listening to my music in my own world. I can concentrate more when I  also put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” which mutes me from the world so I won’t be distracted. Find an article and actually understanding it was by far most the hardest part of this assignment. This assignment has helped me to gain confidence in my ability that I honestly can do anything that I “Jelicia” put my mind to do. The process maybe rough and rocky, but it’s okay as long as you get it.

Cancer has played such a big role in my family and people around me lives, so I wanted to choose a topic that meant something to me. I wanted to actually learn information after my research so I will no longer be lost when doctors are saying all these big words to my family members. I wanted to know what new technology are scientist testing to bring a cure to cancer, because we’re having to many funerals and not enough birthday celebrations.


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